Auspicious Days for Trading Stock Market Buy and Sell

Auspicious Days for Trading Stock Market, Buy and Sell, Date and Timings

Trading, Any commodity Buying and Selling can be performed on these days. The below-mentioned are generic dates but timings might differ from region to region.

Auspicious Days for Trading Stock Market in 2023 and 2024

Mar 202327Mar8.32  am
Apr 20233Apr7.18 am
5Apr7.10 am
5Apr9.25 am
6Apr7.52 am
7Apr7.48 am
8Apr8.50 am
10Apr6.38 am
13Apr7.24 am
13Apr8.53 am
26Apr4.30 pm
27Apr7.58 am
May 20233May7.12 am
3May4.02 am
5May4.50 pm
7May7.18 am
7May11.04 am
10May7.06 am
11May7.02 am
12May3.27 am
13May8.03 am
21May9.15 am
25May8.59 am
28May2.26 am
31May7.26 am
Jul 20231Jul12.12 am
5Jul7.15 am
6Jul7.11 am
9Jul6.59 am
10Jul6.55 am
10Jul11.37 am
28Jul10.27 am
Aug 20236Aug9.51 am
10Aug1.19 am
19Aug12.44 am
19Aug5.26 am
30Aug3.10 am
31Aug11.56 am
Sep 20232Sep3.01 am
3Sep2.55 am
8Sep4.58 pm
9Sep2.27 am
16Sep10.53 am
17Sep1.59 am
22Sep10.29 am
22Sep3.11 am
24Sep10.21 am
24Sep1.32 am
25Sep10.17 am
29Sep2.44 am
Oct 202315Oct8.59 am
15Oct12.10 am
22Oct11.42 am
26Oct12.58 am
Nov 20234Nov12.23 am
19Nov9.52 am
19Nov6.30 pm
22Nov9.40 am
Dec 20232Dec10.32 am
6Dec9.11 am
25Dec9.01 am-
Jan 20243Jan2.02 am
4Jan8.22 am
4Jan1.58 am
13Jan1.23 am
14Jan7.42 am
Feb 202412Feb10.24 am
18Feb12.28 am
25Feb10.31 am
Mar 202411Mar9.32 am
20Mar10.26 am
30Mar9.46 am

For more specific dates and Timings, Please check with a known astrologer. The above-mentioned timings differ from region to region.