Auspicious Days for Cradle Ceremony Dolorahanam

Auspicious Days for Cradle Ceremony Date and Timings, Good Time for Dolorahanam

Good Thithi: 2, 3, 5, 7, 10 and 13

Good Weekdays: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s.

Good Stars: Aswini, Rohini, Mrugasira, Punarvasu, Pushyami, Uttaraphalguna, Hastha, Chitha, Anuradha, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadra and Revathi.

Good Lagna: Pushyami, Mithuna, Karkataka, Kanya, Thula, Dhanassu and Meena.

Auspicious Days for Cradle Ceremony in 2023 and 2024

Apr 202312Apr7.28 am
12Apr8.57 am
23Apr12.00 pm
26Apr4.30 pm
27Apr7.58 am
May 20233May7.12 am
3May4.02 am
5May4.50 pm
7May7.18 am
7May11.04 am
13May8.03 am
Jun 202324Jun12.40 pm
24Jun4.23 pm
Jul 20231Jul12.12 pm
10Jul11.37 am
26Jul2.18 pm
28Jul10.27 am
Aug 20236Aug9.51 am
10Aug1.19 pm
19Aug12.44 pm
19Aug5.26 pm
30Aug3.10 pm
31Aug11.56 am
Sep 20232Sep3.01 pm
3Sep2.55 pm
8Sep4.58 pm
9Sep2.27 pm
16Sep10.53 am
17Sep1.59 pm
22Sep10.29 am
22Sep3.11 pm
24Sep10.21 am
24Sep1.32 pm
25Sep10.17 am
29Sep2.44 pm
Oct 202326Oct12.58 pm
Jan 20243Jan2.02 pm
13Jan1.23 pm

Please check with a known astrologer for more specific dates and timings.

For more details, Please call on 85000 87012

  1. Cradle Ceremony can be performed in the 1st month, 3rd month or 5th month.
  2. Chandrabalam, Tharabalama and Astama Suddhi is must. There should be any Bad Planets in the 8th position.
  3. Elders should perform this event.