Auspicious days for Rudrabhishek Date and Timings

Auspicious days for Rudrabhishek, Date and Pooja Timings

Pooja Duration: 1 hour 30 mins to 2 hours.

Preferable Dress code for the Puja: Please wear
Male: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta, Pyjama.
Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half Saree

Rudrabhishek Procedure

  • All ages can perform Rudrabhishek.
  • The temple priest will be performing this Puja for a group of devotees.
  • Karthika Somavar is highly preferred for Rudrabhishek. and the rush will be high during this time.
  • Jyotirlinga Sthala will be crowded and hard to get Abhishek tickets. In Rameswaram, Devotees are not allowed to touch the deity.
  • In Srisailam, Somanat and Varanasi, devotees can touch the deity during Abhishek. Usually, 1 to 2 priests perform the Rudrabhishek.
  • Priests chant the Rudra Mantra followed by Jalabhishek.
  • Advance booking is advisable during Karthika Masa.

Auspicious days for Rudrabhishek 2023 and 2024

Month Date Day
Mar 2023 9Mar Thursday
Apr 2023 18Apr Saturday
May 2023 18May Thursday
Jun 2023 16Jun Friday
Jul 2023 16Jul Sunday
Aug 2023 14Aug Monday
Sep 2023 13Sep Wednesday
Oct 2023 13Oct Friday
Nov 2023 11Nov Saturday
20Nov Karthika Somavar
27Nov Karthika Somavar
Dec 2023 4Dec Karthika Somavar
Dec 2023 11Dec Karthika Somavar (Masa Sivaratri)
Jan 2024 10Jan Wednesday
Feb 2024 8Feb Thursday
Mar 2024 8Mar (Maha Sivaratri) Friday
Apr 2024 7Apr Sunday

It is advisable to perform Pooja before Noon hours for effective results. For more specific dates and times, please check with a known astrologer.

Best days for Rudrabhishek

  1. Karthik Somavar
  2. Karthik Masa (14NovOct 2023 to 12Dec 2023)
  3. Karthika Purnima (27Nov 2023)
  4. Mondays
  5. Sivaratri festival days (first 7 days)

Rudrabhishek Pooja Benefits

  1. Removes negative energy
  2. Good health and Wealth.
  3. Removes Graha Dosha
  4. Removes fear of sudden death
  5. Good career
  6. Family wellbeing
  7. Business growth
  8. Peace of mind
  9. Positive vibes

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