Auspicious Dates for Annaprasana in 2023 and 2024

Auspicious 2023 and 2024 Dates for Annaprasana, Anna Prasana Procedure and Duration.

Annaprasana Duration: 30 mins

Puja Location: Mandapam outside the temple (within the temple premises).

Required Pooja articles for Annaprasana

Turmeric50 gm
Kumkum50 gm
Beetel LeavesRs.30
Beetel NutsRs.30
Dhoop sticks1 packet
Sandal PowderRs.10
Banana6 Nos
Rice3 Kg
Coconuts2 Nos
Honey BottleSmall Size
New Towel1
Matchbox2 Nos
Paper Plates6
Annaprasada Cup2 Nos
Silver and GoldSpoon or Rings (if any)
puja samagri

Auspicious 2023 and 2024 Dates for Annaprasana

Mar 202327Mar8.32 am
30Mar8.20 am
Apr 20235Apr7.10 am
5Apr9.25 am
8Apr8.50 am
15Apr8.45 am
27Apr7.58 am
May 20233May7.12 am-
7May7.18 am
7May11.04 am
11May7.02 am
13May8.03 am
21May9.15 am
22May9.11 am
25May8.59 am
31May7.26 am
Jun 20237Jun6.28 am
Jul 20231Jul
5Jul7.15 am
Aug 20236Aug9.51 am
7Aug9.47 am
Sep 202325Sep10.17 am
Oct 202322Oct11.42 am
23Oct9.18 am
25Oct9.32 am
Nov 20234Nov10.51 am
19Nov9.52 am
19Nov11.24 am
Dec 20232Dec10.32 am
6Nov9.11 am
20Dec9.21 am
25Dec9.01 am
Jan 20243Jan9.19 am
4Jan8.22 am
Feb 202421Feb10.47 am
25Feb10.31 am
Mar 202425Mar9.03 am
25Mar10.06 am
27Mar9.58 am
28Mar8.25 am
Apr 20243Apr9.30 am

For more specific dates, please check with a known astrologer.

Annaprasana Pooja Procedure

  1. The devotees are allowed to sit next to each other.
  2. The maternal uncle will be holding the child on his lap
  3. The Pooja begins with Ganapathi Pooja followed by Annaprasana
  4. The priest provides the Anna Prasasdam.
  5. A gold ring will be dipped in the Prasadam and touched thrice to the baby’s lip.
  6. After Pooja, the devotees are allowed to have Darshan thru the Normal line.
  7. Special Darshan tickets can be purchased while purchasing the Annaprasana Ticket
  8. After Darshan, the child’s father will break the coconut outside the temple at the Darshan line entrance.
  9. Annaprasana, Aksharabhyasam and Namakaranam will be performed together.
  10. Max 5 to 6 couples are allowed to sit for a Pooja slot.