Akhilandam Tirumala

About Akhilandam Tirumala, Significance, Location

In front of the Mahadwaaram of the Srivari Temple, there is an Akanda jyothi also known as “AKHILANDAM” and pilgrims after climbing the hills by foot come to this place to break a coconut and light camphor and joss sticks. It is only here the devotees were allowed to break the coconuts and offer deeparathana to the Lord.Thousands of devotees use the huge lamp stand to complete their vow to the deity of Tirumala even today.

Tirumala as per custom and usage, manoharam, chandanam, and Sripadarenu are taken, on a silver plate and given at the Akhilandam. The Akhilandam at the entrance of Lord Venkateswara’s shrine is fronted by a huge oil lamp fixed to. There is also a hundi here and if anyone forgets to put his offering in the Hundi inside the temple, the same offering can be deposited here. Donations for Vanabhivrudhi , Nitya Annadaanam etc are accepted here.