Vastralankara Seva

Vastralankara Seva Tirumala

Vastralankara Seva Ticket Cost: Rs. 12,250

Number of persons allowed per ticket: 2

Reporting time: 3 am

Reporting Venue: VQC I


Devotees should assembler in front of Parakamani which is North-West corner of the sanctum. Archaka will have list of names and reads the list of Vastralankara Seva ticket holders by names. For the Vastram Alankara Seva two persons are allowed per ticket. Later Gruhasthas were given with empty silver vessels which is to be carried in procession around the sanctum as a mark of honor and the same was handed over near the sanctum.

Vastralankara Seva ticket holders to be seated right from first door. Ladies were made to sit to the left side of Lord and gents to the right.


Vastralankara Seva Procedure

This is the most sanctifying ritual in the Agamas that is performed to the Moola Virat every Friday morning. Abhishekam was done first with milk  which is brought from T.T.D Dairy, then with water, Chandam (Sandal paste), Turmeric, Kasturi, Civet-Oil and Paccha karpuram ( Refined Camphor), to the accompaniment of Vedic hymns, Purusha Sukta and mantras.

The Lord was then dressed in a Pattu Pithambharam followed by Darshan. A packet of Kasturi Chandanam that was placed at the feet of Lord and Paccha karpooram applied as Namam to Lord was given as Abhisheka Prasadam to the Gruhasthas.


Vastralankara Seva Current booking procedure

1) High level recommendation letter is required to obtain this seva ticket.

2) One should Submit recommendation letter at J.E.O Camp Office by providing active mobile number.

3) If letter request is approved, then SMS will be delivered to the registered mobile number

4) Gruhasthas can collect tickets from MBC-34 by displaying SMS and ID card.


For any queries with respect to Vastralankara seva, please leave your comment below.


  1. Sir
    We have a dream to make swami vasthralankara Seva please give an opportunity to do this seva…

  2. sir at what time sahasara deepa alankara seva and vasantostva seva perform (please mention timings)

  3. Sir, Don’t suggest people to get recommendation as it won’t work. I had a personal experience to this seva on 24th of November, 2017. I managed to get State Home Minister’s letter addressed to E.O. to issue this seva ticket where as we are asked to submit this letter at JEO camp office on 23rd November, 2017 from 8 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. When we went to submit the clerk did not allow us to enter into the office and didn’t even accept the letter. Instead he told us that the Minister should call the JEO to issue the seva ticket. We managed to get a recommendation letter but how can we ask the minister to speak to the JEO regarding this. So don’t fool the public by telling them to get recommendation letter from Ministers and MPs. Nothing will work. This seva is only for people who are in power and not for ordinary people like us. Lucky dip also we can’t trust as we heard from people that some goal mall is going on in that also. In agony I am writing this as I experienced personally about this seva ticket and all my efforts have gone in vain.

    • Hi Madam,

      Madam, recommendation letter was introduced to stop middle persons. It is made mandatory for all types of recommendation letters. And it applies for types of Seva and Break Darshan.


  4. MADHAVI ph.9618000478

    We have to dream to make vastralankarana save please recomand this seva. Please give this opurtunity.

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