Ujjain Aarti Timings, Ticket Cost, and Booking Procedure

Ujjain Aarti Timings, Ticket Cost, and Booking Procedure

According to mythology, King Ripudamana and King Sanghditya, with the help of Asura Dushan, had been granted the ability to see the invisible by Lord Brahma to aid them in their invasion of Avanti. In response to King Chandrasena’s request, Lord Shiva destroyed every demon by taking on the form of Mahakaal, although he continued to exist here for protection in the future.

Prajapita Brahma built Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain, though the Puranic history of it is still unknown. Mahakaal is known as Bhole Baba by the people of Ujjain.

Since the temple’s roofs are entirely flat, Kalidasa referred to this as “Niketan” in his construction of “Meghdutam.”

The Gupta Dynasty Kings are the ones who look after this temple. The Guptas, Gurjar Pratihars, and Rashtrakutas all paid homage to this revered historic site while ruling Ujjain after the Gupta-Chalukya collapse. Every twelve years, the Simhastha Kumbh Mela is held here.

Ujjain Darshan’s Ticket cost

  • VIP Darshan tickets cost Rs. 250 per person
  • Garbha Graha Darshan ticket cost Rs.
  • Free Darshan is available on all days.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12:30 to 4:30 pm are the four days a week that Garbha Graha darshan will take place in the sanctum sanctorum.

Ujjain Aarti Timings (Chaitra to Ashwin)

  • 4.00 am to 6 a.m.: Bhasm Aarti
  • 7 am to 7.30 a.m.: Dadyodak Aarti
  • 10 a.m to 10.30 a.m.: Bhog Aarti
  • 5 p.m to 5.30 pm Sandhya Aarti
  • 7 p.m to 7.30 p.m.: Shri Mahakal Aarti
  • 10.30 pm to 11 p.m. Sayan Aarti

Ujjain Aarti Timings (Karthik to Phalgun)

  • 4.00 am to 6 a.m.: Bhasm Aarti
  • 7.30 am to 8 a.m.: Dadyodak Aarti
  • 10.30 a.m to 11 a.m.: Bhog Aarti
  • 5.30 p.m to 6.00 pm Sandhya Aarti
  • 7.30 p.m to 8.00 p.m.: Shri Mahakal Aarti
  • 10.30 pm to 11 p.m. Sayan Aarti

Aarti Darshan Dress Code

  • Gents: dhoti (white) and shirt, or kurta and pyjama.
  • Ladies: Saree or Salwar Kameez (with Pallu Compulsory).
  • All pilgrims are requested not to wear clothes such as T-shirts, jeans, etc., as the same is strictly prohibited irrespective of any age group.

Ujjain Temple Abhishek Cost

Puja DetailsTicket cost
General PujaRs. 100
Shiv Mahimn PathRs. 200
Rudrabhishesk Vaidik PujaRs. 300
Shiv Mahima PathRs. 500
Rudrabhishek (11 Avartan) Rudra PathaRs. 1000
Laghu Rudra Abhishek (121 Paath) by 11 BrahminRs. 3000
Shiv Mahima StrotRs. 15000
Mahamrutyunjay Jaap (1.25 Lakh jaap)Rs. 15000
Bhanga ShringarRs. 500
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