Kumbh Vivah in Ujjain: Cost, Benefits, Before, and After Marriage

Kumbh Vivah in Ujjain: Cost, Benefits, Before, and After Marriage

For Manglik brides or grooms, the Kumbh Vivah ritual includes mantras, pharas, Kanya Daan, and other traditions, much like a regular wedding. Here, she weds an earthen pot rather than a person. This is done to balance the girl’s horoscope of Mangalik Dosha.

The groom can pass away quickly in this dosha. When Mangal or Kuja Graha sits in the first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house and sees the seventh house of the Kundali as occurring before the Kumbha Lagna Vidhi, it is known as a Manglik dosha.

After their weddings, Manglik girls are required to change into new clothes. Throwing the pot into the water, the girl smashes it. Following this spiritual healing, the girl is free to wed the guy of her choice. Furthermore, widowhood and widowerhood are avoidable. This puja will be performed at Mangalnath Mandir in Ujjain.

Kumbh Vivah in Ujjain

  • It’s performed much like any other regular wedding.
  • The girl is dressed exactly as she would be on her wedding day—that is, in identical bridal clothing.
  • All of the wedding rituals are performed by a priest who is planned.
  • In the end, wedding vows are exchanged, and even a kanya daan ceremony—a custom in which the girl’s parents finally present her to the boy—is performed.
  • The girl and the clay pot (Kumbha) are linked with a thread.
  • Upon completion of the ritual, the girl is expected to undress and take off the thread that was wrapped around the pot.
  • The pot was then submerged in water when no one was around to witness it.
  • It may occasionally be broken as well, however many people think it’s improper to smash pots.
  • After the ceremony is over, the girl’s family feels that she has been spared the consequences of being a “Mangalik.”

Kumbh Vivah Benefits in Ujjain

  • helps in Kundali’s Mangal Dosha elimination.
  • for a long, happy, secure, and successful marriage.
  • helps in solving issues related to second marriages.
  • removes any mangal-related problems associated with childbirth.

Kumbh Vivah Before Marriage in Ujjain

The pre-marriage Kumbh Vivah is a special ritual, and the majority of those who have participated have received significant benefits. When Mars or Mangal is placed in one’s first, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth houses, Kumbh Vivah helps lessen the negative impacts of this placement, particularly about marriage.

Mangaliks advise having Kumbh Vivah done before marriage to protect against all forms of loss during their married lives.

Kumbh Vivah after Marriage

There is a path if there is a Dosha. Old Hindu texts offer a simple method for preventing widowhood. Many happy couples have used Manglik Dosha Parihara for this.

A marriage may be saved from the negative Mangal Graha effects of the Kundli by doing a Kumbh Vivah after marriage. Planetary transits as well as one’s Kundali’s Dasha, Bhukti, and Antara over time lower favorable planets.

Mangal Graha’s unfavorable impacts grow during this period, leading to divorce and breakdowns in marriage and relationships. This can be avoided with Manglik Dosh Parihar or Kumbh Vivah.

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