TTD Free Luggage Depositing Centers

TTD Free Luggage Depositing Centers are available in Tirumala and Tirupati. All your belongings can be safely deposited at PACs.

Free Locker will be allotted to pilgrim on paying Rs.500 as caution deposit. This amount will be refunded once the Locker Lock is returned to the staff.

PAC I and PAC II are available in Tirumala, where you can store your belongings, which includes electronic gadgets and other materials. You can use your own Lock to lock this locker. Electronic Items are not allowed into Darshan Line so it should be deposited at Lockers only.

Pilgrims Amenities Centers Tirumala,  PAC I  is beside C.R.O (Central Reception Office Tirumala)  and PAC II on the way to GNC cottage.

Pilgrims Amenities Centers Tirupati, Srinivasam Complex (Opposite Tirupati Bus Station) and Vishnu Nivasam (Walkable from Tirupati Railway Station).

Pilgrims can fresh up here at PACs. Hair Offering can also be done here.

Pilgrim Amenities Complex Photo Gallery

For any queries on TTD Free Luggage Depositing Centers, please leave your comment below.

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  1. Hello,

    Is the digital locker facility and regular locker facility the same? Are there multiple locker facilities in Tirumala except the one beside CRO office?

    Are there any cell phone deposit centers in Tirumala?

    Can you let me know?

  2. Dear Sir, We are coming to Tirumala as a whole family around 100 members..

    Could you please let me know if we can avail any rooms for keeping our luggages at Tirumala??

    Or Can I book free lockers online?


    • Dear Sir,
      Luggage can be deposited at PAC 4 which is behind CRO office. Lockers will be allotted on arrival. It is safe to deposit belongings at PACs

  3. i have a plan and i booked the ticket on sunday myself and my 2 year old baby and my wife we already booked the rooms in tirupathi (private rooms ) i have question where is the place to keep our Electronic goods In Tirumala is there any safety lockers are avilable…If Yes Plz Let us know the Place in Tirumala

  4. sir
    we have booked suprabhatha on 4th Oct,2016
    we have no room so where we can stay

    • Dear Sir,
      Please use the facilities at PAC I or II. As this Seva will be performed in the early hours.

  5. Kindly Advise:

    1. Is there a TTD Left Luggage Facility at or Near Renigunta Railway Station.

    2. Is there a Direct Bus from Renigunta Railway Station to Tirumala CRO Office at around 11.00 AM in the morning.

    We would be reaching Renigunta from Howrah (Kolkata) by 22863 HWH-YPR AC express on 8th Nov 2016 at around 10.15 AM for Darshan.


  6. Hi sir..we are reaching tirumala on 9th of this month with family of six members. Can you suggest us how can we get accommodation…

  7. Dear Sir,

    We wish to deposit our suit case in the locker facility . The size of the suit case is 22 inch long – cabin size like what is allowed in aircraft. Is this possible.
    Also whether bath and dress change facility available for. Both ladies and gents.

    Also pl advise as to where we get our room allotted based on on line booking.


  8. I will come to thirumala for darsan on I have car with electronic remote key.Is this key may be permitted to have with me for darsan or I keep it in locker

  9. Dear Team,

    We(Two couples and one Child) will be arriving tirupati tirupati at 3 am on 27th April, Kindly suggest the hotel and luggage rooms in tirumala.

  10. Hi sir we around 24 members coming on 29th this we get the accommodation from your end pls

  11. dear sir,
    where can i book lockers at pac 1 &pac 2

  12. Sir,
    I’m Hari from madurai coming June 6 I’llcome to tirupathy ,rooms can available fot a single person and if room can’t available Where I put my luggage and electronic devices, pls bro give a some information about procedures.bcz it is my first time to visit tirupathy.

  13. Hello sir, I’m coming to tirupathi on 14th August around 10-11 pm , what are the timings of the luggage counter for piligrims who climb steps .
    I need timings of luggage counter at starting of alipiri and when does the counter open and close on tirumula receive my luggage.

    • Hi Sir,
      you can deposite your luggage at any time at alipiri counter and at tirumala you can collect it back at any time.

      Thank You.

  14. luggage counter timing at vishnu nivasam complex

    • HI Sir,

      There is no luggage conter at vishnu nivasam you can keep your luggage at alipiri luggage counter.


  15. My grand son Niraj Tiwary had gone for worship at Bala no Temple. He kept his luggage in yatri sadan locker yesterday at 10 a.m. till date no contact. His mob. Is showing switched off. We family is worried
    Could you help me to trace him so kind of you.
    Awaiting your reply please.

  16. Please tell me sir the process of luggage collecting at the top

    • HI Sir,

      temple next only you can get the luggage counter to collect your belongings but the receipt should be there with you at the time of collecting.


  17. Luggage lockers issuing timings at PAC

  18. Hello sir,

    we r planning to go on 17th.. by train.. how to reach PAC from station

    • Hi Sir,
      there are buses available to tirumala from tirupati bustand in the frequency of 10mins.

      Thank You.

  19. Can i book locker online
    if it is possible from which website i can book?

  20. I am coming to Tirumala on 22nd August., There are no rooms available to book.
    So, can we have instant Freshing up facility at Tirumala
    Near luggage deposite centres?!

  21. Hi sir
    Can I book locker online
    If it is possible from which website
    I can book ? Locker

  22. whick places r avialable in tirumala lockers

    • HI Sir,

      You can use PAC 1 or PAc2 for locker facilities.there is no online bookings for locker facilities.


  23. Sir. , On monday or tuesday how much time to.take for darshan approximatly

  24. Pl. help
    Any Token Given Vai Foot Path Way for Free Dharshan & How Much Time to Take for Free Dharshan on 01-oct-2017 or 02-oct-2017?

  25. pls reply
    my reporting time is 12th Oct 17 4 pm @ atc car parking, an coming through train from Cbe to tirupati,I will reach there at 1.40pm,can I reach the reporting area at 4pm

  26. Sir

    We have planning sarva darsan for food path, But how we keep our luggages? any facility available?
    Timing and allowed days Please?


    • HI sir,

      yes you will get the luggage counter and you can drop your luggage and can collect at tirumala


  27. On 9th Nov Coming Thrusday, how long it may take in Special entry Darshan?

  28. In locker facility how many hours permission given to keep luggage inside locker

  29. Anoop Muraleedharan

    I am travelling to Tirumala on 10th and my darshan time is @ 1 PM, i will be reaching Tirumala @ 4 to 5 AM, So once i reached Tirumala i need a place for keeping my belonging and do the Hair Offering also and to take bath
    So if i reach there where should i approach for the Locker facility and other resources.

    • HI Sir,

      You can have the locker facility at PAC 1 or PAc2 and after hair offering you can have the facility to take bath also.


  30. We are 7members in from erode 1.40 pm at tirupathy by train on 10tn nov
    We plane first srikalahasthy and alamelumangapuram
    Staying at tirumal.
    How much time it will take?

    Any reasonable cab
    No pls

    • HI Sir,

      You can cover alumelumangapuram and kalahasthi and then you can stay at tirumala on 10th nov and you can plan for the darshan on 11th


  31. hi
    i am reaching tirumala on 21th nov 2017.we can book locker in online.

  32. Hi Sir,
    Any common facility for fresh up at tiRupa time?

  33. Hi sir what about tonsure ( shaving hair in head) near that we will have place for locker near by Also i’m planning to go by walk from foot hills to uphill.

  34. Hello sir,

    We (myself and friend) are planning to Tirumala by walk …when we reach the Tirumala hills.. can we get lockers? we can fresh up and go for darshan. I am confused whether can we get the lockers at Tirumala hills or down Tirupathy. Please let us know sir.. Thank you so much

  35. Hi sir i am in chennai…. I want to come tommorow for tirupati balaji… I have bags where to keeps this belongings.. Sir..

  36. For visiting tirupati balaji… Is any online booking is there for darshan..

  37. May be I will reach by 2.30am is lockers are available on that time

  38. Hi. Can suitcases be also kept in the lockers?

  39. I will reach 20 Dec.and darshan date is 21 2pm so pls suggest any asharm for stay 2 night and how to book asharm online send me link plz

  40. Hello, i am travelling first time to tirumala and i have done with booking 300 special seva ticket. I really do not know where i need to keep my belongings and have bath and all. Requesting your valuable advise on this please.

    Karthik T N

    • HI Sir,

      You can get the luggage counter at tirumala with 300 rs ticket you can enter the queue line from ATC Car parking and also for refresh you can use the PAC1 or PAC2


  41. What is locker size? Small suitcase can fit? If not, What are my options for keeping small suitcase in Tirupati?

  42. Hi Team,

    Which is the best place to take locker nearer to ATC car parking area, where we have to go for queue line.

    Please suggust.


  43. We have booked darshan for 9 people on 2/Jan/2018 and need dormitory

  44. Can we go for darshan with wallets

  45. Is there any phone lockers available in tirumala and is that safe protect the phone?

  46. How big are these lockers? Can I leave my rucksack and backpack here ? I am in Tirupati just for few hours

  47. For how many hours we will get the lockers?

  48. I want two hours room only

  49. Can carry small cash bag to darshan

  50. Can I take my phone to Temple ( switched off ).

  51. Hi, is locker easily available or there is waitlist. Can I keep cell phone and camera in locker.

    • HI Sir,

      It depends upon the availability due to crowd and you can place your cell and camera in seperate locker


  52. Where is the clocks rooms

    • HI Sir,

      there are many clock rooms are available near the temple so on arrival you can contact at any guide they will show you


  53. HI Sir,

    Yes available sir you can get


  54. Hello sir
    Now the problem is that we need to keep our luggage for 48 hours. Is it possible


    I need to use the clock room/ locker facility @ Tirumala on 19/06/2018 from 10 AM to 03.00 PM.
    Please guide me to avail the facility.

  56. Hello sir…
    Is there any specific size of baggage. Because I’m bringing cabin size trolley bag. Wil it fit in locker ?

  57. Lockers facility 24 hrs available?

  58. Can I do hair offering at Vishnu Nivasam if so what is the procedure?

    • HI Sir,

      you can offer your hair at kapil theertham sir or else at tirumala you can offer hair


  59. Sir,
    Can i keep our belongings inlocker at vishnu Nivas for about 30 hours?
    That means more than 24 hours

  60. Sir,
    Thank you for your immediate kind reply sir.
    one more clarification , sir. Is there advance booking for
    lockers also ? if so may I know the procedure?
    Thank you sir
    N.Rama Chandran

  61. Lockers available 24/7

  62. Dear Sir,
    What is the checkout time for locker facility at PAC tirumala. Is it possible to extend for the second day.please also kindly tell me the documents for availing lockers.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      its completely depends on the availability of the rooms, if there is a chance please book in advance.
      Thank you.

        SO PLS CAN WE GET A ROOM AND LOCKERS AT 16.02.2019 TO 18.2.2019

        • Dear Sir/Madam,
          All ttd rooms are fully booked, if you need alternate accommodation please contact 9393939150 .
          Thank you.

  63. Kya darshan ke samay saath main jaroori At Harvard,Pencard,Driving license,ATMCard voter ID card le jaana allowed hai