TTD Free Mobile Depositing Center

TTD Free Mobile Depositing Center in Tirumala, Pilgrims not supposed to carry any electronic item inside Temple. Even if it is mistakenly carried, the security staff will collect the electronic gadgets in the queue line. It is a time taking the process to collect mobile back from security.

If you are reporting venue is VQC I or VQC II,  VQC I which is mainly for Break Darshan, All Ajitha Sevas, you can deposit mobile and other electronic items at TTD free luggage depositing centre. Which is located right opposite to VQC I and a receipt will be issued on depositing your belongings.

There is a change in depositing and collection centres. Depositing Centers which are located at VQC I and VQC II ad meant for depositing electronic items and for collection it is at PAC IV. After darshan, you can collect from PAC IV collection centre (Old Annadhanam complex)

Break Darshan Devotees can deposit Luggage and Mobiles at Luggage depositing centre next to List 2 entrance.

Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan, Rs.300 Darshan devotees can deposit luggage and mobiles at Luggage center available at Sarva Darshan entrance.

One can deposit, Bags, Cellphones, and Footwear at Luggage deposit center

Collection center is at PAC 4

Luggage Depositing Center

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