TTD Free Mobile Depositing Center

TTD Free Mobile Depositing Center in Tirumala, Pilgrims not supposed to carry any electronic item inside Temple. Even if it is mistakenly carried, the security staff will collect the electronic gadgets in the queue line. It is a time taking the process to collect mobile back from security.

If you are reporting venue is VQC I or VQC II,  VQC I which is mainly for Break Darshan, All Ajitha Sevas, you can deposit mobile and other electronic items at TTD free luggage depositing centre. Which is located right opposite to VQC I and a receipt will be issued on depositing your belongings.

There is a change in depositing and collection centres. Depositing Centers which are located at VQC I and VQC II ad meant for depositing electronic items and for collection it is at PAC IV. After darshan, you can collect from PAC IV collection centre (Old Annadhanam complex)

Break Darshan Devotees can deposit Luggage and Mobiles at Luggage depositing centre next to List 2 entrance.

Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan, Rs.300 Darshan devotees can deposit luggage and mobiles at Luggage center available at Sarva Darshan entrance.

One can deposit, Bags, Cellphones, and Footwear at Luggage deposit center

Collection center is at PAC 4

Luggage Depositing Center

For any queries on TTD Free mobile depositing center, please leave your comment below.

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  1. My Entry point is SMC-211. Is there any mobile depositing center nearby.

  2. Hello,

    Could you please send me the map for mobile depositing counter in tirumala. I am entering from SMC 211.

  3. my entry point is ATC car parking area , is there any lugguage & mobile depositing point nearby?

  4. I purchase 300rs online ticket, my slot time is 4to5, which time before i will report to go ?

  5. If all the rooms and PAC’s are occupied, Do you think there wll be a chance for luggage deposition? I’m coming to tirumala on 26th june i.e saturday.

    • Dear Sir,
      There are 4 PACs in Tirumala and each is of high capacity so you will not have any problem with luggage deposition

  6. I am staying at Panchajanyam Guest house. Pl. inform me the mobile depositing center nearer to Temple.

  7. Can we deposit laptop in mobile depositing center @ Tirumala?

  8. sir,

    we got 300 rs tickets and my entry point ATC car parking area. there is any any luggage deposit cents near ATC car parking?

    • Dear sir,
      you have language counters and mobile counters at a.t.c parking you can deposit there
      thank you

  9. Sir,

    I bought rs 300 Ticket for darshan on 23rd AUG-2017 at 04:00pm and my entry is ATC CAR PARKING.Is there any Luggage Depositing facility at that Location and guide me the Details to reach there bcoz i am coming by Bus from Tirupathi and where i need to get down to reach ATC Car Parking Area at the earliest?

    • HI Sir,

      you can get the guidance from the bus stand itself you can also have the luggage counter to keep your luggage.


  10. Dear sir our entry point is At car parking area.
    Date of Fatshan..31_8_17 @12.00 noon. me where to deposit our cell phone n small bag we carry?.Shall we carry small bags with water bottles.?
    Also tell us where to keep our chappals near ATC car parking. Sorry for the trouble.


    • HI Sir,

      At the q line entrance only you can get the counter to deposit the things no need to worry about that.


  11. My starting point will be ATC parking area.May I know where it is exactly.Whether any mobile & luggage counters are available near to that place.please guide me

    • HI Sir,

      Yes lugagge counter is available to deposit your things and any body can guide you to know the atc car parking


  12. The pilgrims who were coming from srivari metlu where they will be deposited bags and mobiles.

  13. Do you have mobile counter at vibavotsavam

  14. How safe is depositing mobile phones?

  15. Hai sir,
    Which one is near by luggage deposit counter at ATC car parking area which is a entrance place of 300/- SPL entry darshan. Otherwise you suggest me best luggage deposit counter for SPL entry darshan devotees.

  16. Mobile counter near Vaibhavotsava Mantapam

  17. I am planning to climb by foot through Srivari mettu. Where can I find mobile & shoe deposit counter after reaching Tirumala?

  18. Where we should deposit phones luggages or luggages can carry inside temple

  19. Leggings. Are allowed intirumala while darshan

  20. car key is allowed (remote locking)