Pradosha Nandi Pooja

Pradosha Nandi Pooja at Sri Kalahasti Temple

Ticket Cost: Rs.120

Number of Persons allowed / Ticket: 1

Pooja Day: Every Trayodasi Day ( thirteenth moon day)

Pooja Timings: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Bahnumanam: 1 Kg Pulihora

Tickets Booking: Tickets will be issued only at the counter for the same day pooja or it can be purchased a day in advance over the counter.

Pradosha occurs twice in a month, one during Krishna Paksham ( First 15 days), and other during Sukhla Paksham ( 2nd 15 days).

Pradosha Nandi Pooja Legend

Legend dates back to Churning of Milky ocean, When Halahala (Powerful poison) emerged out of the ocean, Lord Siva drank the poison to save the world. Later on Trayodasi day, Devas and Asuras offered their prayers to Lord Siva. Lord Siva felt happy and danced in the space between the two horns of Nandi and this time is known as Pradosham.

Pradosha Nandi Pooja procedure

During Prdosha time, abhishekam will be performed to Nandi facing main deity in the sanctum sanctorum. Later Nandi will be decorated with garlands and offer Harathi.  Abhishekam will be performed with Ghee, green coconuts, and milk.

During Pradosham Time perfoming Abhishekam will have good results.

S.NoAbhishekam NameResults
1PanchamruthamWill be blessed with Good wealth
2MilkFor Long and Healthy life
3GheeWill be blessed with Good Meditation power which helps in attaining Moksha
4HoneyFor Good voice
5CurdWill be blessed with Good children
6Sandalwood pasteGive Good wealth
7Sugarcane JuiceRemoves enmity
8Lime juiceRemoves Death fear

How to reach Sri Kalahasti Temple?

  1. Sri Kalahasti is 37 km from Tirupati. Tirupati to Kalahasti bus runs with high frequency.
  2. Bus routes, Tirupati to Gudur, Nellore, Naidupeta goes via Sri Kalahasti.
  3. Direct to Sri Kalahasti is available from Chennai and Bangalore cities.

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