Tirumala Temple Prakdakshinams

Benefits and Type of Tirumala Temple Prakdakshinams

Tirumala Temple architecture is mainly made of concentric rectangles around a Square Sanctum. There are three major rectangular Corridors for Circumambulation (The Pradakshinam).

Pradakshinam Inside Temple

The Innermost corridor is called Mukkoti Pradakshinam and remains closed.

The middle Corridor, called the Vimana Pradakshinam, goes around the inner temple and the Mukkoti Pradakshinam Corridor.

The outermost one, called the Sampangi Pradakshinam, encloses the inner temple, Mukkoti Pradakshinam, all the features outside this corridor, and the Vimana Pradakshinam.

A Maha Pradakshinam is laid outside the temple, through which the devotees perform circumambulation (During Anga Pradakshinam) of the entire premises before entering the Temple.

The circumambulation makes it possible for a person arriving from outside to get into the rhythm of the temple. It allows devotees to gather their thoughts, check whether they have all the material necessary for worship, and then, with focus, enter the Sanctum of Sanctorum.

Religious reasons behind Anga Pradakshinam and Pradakshinam by Walk around the Temple. But, here are the few possible reasons that occur to a devotee reaching the temple to find God. The contemplation of God is best done in Ekantha, the solitude of the mind. Finding peace of mind may be difficult but it is not impossible, and the chances improve with practice, which can come through worship. The worship can be done with the help of a priest who is considered a substitute form of God Himself when he is serving Him. And, worship can be done in a congregation, a Satsang. But, at the core of the worship of God, the devotee must find that Ekantha, peaceful solitude, in which he or she can temporarily disconnect from the body and engage with God. One of the ways of doing that is by Walking around the Temple in silence and focusing on God- it helps one detach oneself from the mortal coils of life and experience, leaving the soul free for a while.

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