Tirukalukundram Pakshi Theertham

Tirukalukundram Pakshi Theertham is 71 km from Chennai, 12 km from Chengalpattu. Daily, Two eagles lands on the hilltop at 11 am and return after having been feed. Temple is 500 ft high and the main deity Lord Siva as Vedagiriswarar stays on the top. The hill is said to be the four Vedas. The peak is said to symbolise Atharvana Veda on which the temple is found. Thus the hill is called Vedagiri. There is a shrine for Lord Siva at the bottom of the hill.

Tirukalukundram Pakshi Theertham History

As per the Legends, eight sons took birth from Brahma’s mind ( Manasa Putras) and they performed strict penance for Lord Siva to obtain Saaroopa Padavi. But they desired Saayujya when Lord Siva appeared before them. Angered Siva, cursed them to become eagles because of the blender committed to desiring the boon. They all pleaded the Lord for their ignorance, Siva told them that they would be relieved of their sins if they were born as eagles, two by two in each Yuga and worshipped Vedagiri.

Three Yugas has already passed; In this Kaliyuga, the sages, Busha and Vidatha by name, are said to worship the Lord in the guise of birds. Two birds visit the temple daily at 11 am. and feed at the hands of a Desikar. Birds are fed with Chakara Pongal (Jaggery bath) and ghee.

As per the folklore, these birds take the bath in the Ganges in the morning, take their food at Tirukalukundram at noon, Worship Lord Siva at Rameswaram in the evening and reach Chidambaram at nightfall.

The four Vedas were damaged by Brahma and others so insufferably that they complained to Siva of their sorry plight; they told how they were set aside. Siva then ordained that the Vedas should take the form of four rocks inseparable from Earth and He himself chose to reside upon them. Thus the Vedas appeared as the Hill with its four parts named after the Vedas.

At the Kailas, Nandi persecuted Garuda, for having talked ill of Siva. Though Siva Himself in the affair to defend Garuda, Nandi would not be softened. Then Siva cursed Nandi to reach the earth and promised him salvation if he worshipped Him at Rudragiri. Nandi had passed all the tests laid by Lord Siva. Nandi requested the Lord to bless all who takes the bath in the Tirtha.

How to reach Tirukalukundram Pakshi Theertham?

By Air

  1. The nearest international airport is Chennai which is 55 km away.

By Train

  1. Chennai is well connected with all parts of India.
  2. Chengalpattu railway station is close to the temple which is 12 km away.

By Road

  1. Direct bus to Chennai is available from all parts of Tamil Nadu and nearby states.

Tirukalukundram Pakshi Theertham Gallery

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