Kanchipuram Temples List: History, Timings, and Darshan

Kanchipuram Temples List: History, Timings, and Darshan

Legend has it that the Chola king Karikala of the Sangam era constructed the city’s walls and four large roadways known as Raja-Veedhi, or “king’s street.” Appar, Sundarar, Manickavachagar, and Sambandar—the four renowned Saiva Nayanmars—have performed hymns on the deities of the Kanchāpuram temples. This city was home to three more Nayanmars: Thırukkuripputhondar, Sakkianayanar, and Kidavarkon. Upon visiting this sacred site, Thirumular and Pattinathuadigal deteriorated the temples. This town is home to eighteen Divya Desas, or Vaishnavite temples, all of which are sung by Alvars, or Vaishnava saints. Alvars Poigai and Thirumazhisai lived in Kanchi. Prominent Advaita philosopher Adi Sankara established a matha and dedicated a temple to Devi (Kamakshi). Meanwhile, Vishishtadvaita philosopher Ramanuja, whose birthplace is Sriperumbudur near Kanchipuram, lived in Kanch for a considerable amount of time and was a devotee of Arulalapurumal (Varadarajaperumal) Vedanta Dusika and Thirukkacchinambi, the birthplace of Vaishnavite scholars and saints. It usually takes 4 to 5 days to visit all temples in Kanchipuram.

Kanchipuram Temples List

Kanchipuram was praised by Saiva Nayanmars and Vaishnava Alvars of the seventh and eighth centuries, who were family saints and played a leading role in the Bhakti movement.
Here, Buddhism and Jainism had enjoyed widespread support. Renowned religious figures and saints like Sankara, Ramanuja, Manavala Mahamuni, and Achiappa Sivacharya were associated with this, to name a few. The city is home to numerous mathas and institutions representing various religious beliefs. The most well-known of these is the Kanchi Kamakoti, which is the Peeta of Sankaracharya overseen by a succession of highly renowned saints. Here, I have listed down Kanchipuram temples in Siva and Vishnu Kanchi.

Vishnu Kanchipuram Temples list

  1. Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple
  2. Ashta Bhuja Perumal Temple
  3. Deepa Prakasar Temple
  4. Sri Alagiya Singa Perumal Temple
  5. Pandava Duta Perumal Temple
  6. Thiru Neeragam
  7. Nilathingal Thundathu Perumal (Chandragupta Perumal)
  8. Ulagalanda Perumal Temple (Tri Vikrama)
  9. Thiru Uragam or Uragatan
  10. Thiru Karvanam
  11. Thiru Karagatu Perumal
  12. Yathoktakari Temple (Sonna Vannam Saida Perumal)
  13. Thirukalvanur Kalvar Perumal
  14. Sri Pavalavannar Temple
  15. Pacchaivannar Temple
  16. Sri Vaikunta Perumal Temple
  17. Sri Vijayaragahava Perumal Temple
  18. Urugumulla Perumal
  19. Sri Kuratalvan Temple
  20. Sri Adikesava Perumal Temple
  21. Lakshmi Narasimha Perumal Temple

Shiva Kanchipuram Temples List

  • Sri Ekambareswarar Temple
  • Kanchi Mayaneswara Temple
  • Vallakkambar
  • Kallakambar
  • Nallakkambar
  • Agasteeswara Temple
  • Asttotarasata Linga
  • Markandeswara Temple
  • Mattala Madhaveswara
  • Ashtottarasata Linga (II) (108 small Lingas in one) is found in the south-west corner of the First prakara of Ekambaranatha Temple
  • Sahasra (1000) Linga found in the north-west corner of the second prakara in Ekambaranatha Temple
  • Vallee’svara is located to the east of Smasanesvara Shrine in the third prakara of Ekambaranatha TempleVishnuvesvara is found on the south side of the third prakara of the Ekambaranatha temple.
  • Vinduveesa temple is situated opposite the entrance (gopura) of the thousand-pillared mandapa in Ekambaranatha Temple.
  • Ramanathesvara is found in a small temple near the junction of Ekambaranatha Temple Sannıdhı street and Salaı street.
  • Jwaraharesvara, a temple of architectural beauty with a vimana of Pranava (Om) shape, is under the Protection and Preservation of Ancient Monuments Act and is situated in the eastern half of the Ekambaranatha Sannidhi Street
  • Tantonreesvara or Upamanyesvarar temple – situated in the eastern half of the Ekambaranatha Sannidhi street
  • Anantapadmanabhesvara found in Lingappier street
  • Seetesvara found on the south bank of Sarvateertham Tank
  • Lakshmanesvara on the bank of Sarvateetham Tank.
  • Mallikarajunesvar found on the south bank of Sarvateertham Tank
  • Teerthavara on the west bank of Sarvateertham Tank
  • Manmuttsevara found on the south bank of Sarvatteertham Tank
  • Hiranyesvar (Linga with 16 stripes) found on the west bank of Sarveteertham Tank
  • Kasi Visvanatha found on the west bank of Sarvateertham Tank (There is a Muktı Mandapa insıde)
  • Davalesvara on the west bank of Sarvateertham Tank
  • Gangadharesvara found on the west bank of Sarvateetham Tank
  • Javanteesvara found ınsıde Agrıcultural Farm near Pancupettai
  • Kankanesvar ın Chinna Kammala street
  • Katakesvara found ın Kammala street
  • Iravattanesvar ın Kammala street
  • Piravattanesvara (also known as Apunarabhavesvara) ıs sıtuated west of Vellaikulam (Tank)
  • Muktesvara(I) found in Kammala Street,
  • Edir Veerattanesvara in Kammala street,
  • Mahalingesvar found in Appa Rao Street,
  • Arunacalesvar on the south bank of Vellaikulam (tank)
  • Veerattanesvara on the east bank of Vellaikulam (tank) – associated with Chakkiya Nayanar
  • Rudrakoteesvara (I) is situated on the road to Konerikuppam off Railway level crossing
  • Bhutanathesvara is near Pukkadi Choultry
  • Macchesvarar in East Rajaveethi
  • Mukesvara (II) was founded in East Rajaveethi, and built during the Pallava period.
  • Onesvara
  • Kantesvara
  • Jalandresvara Three separate Lingas, in three shrines inside the temple, known
  • in Tevaram hymns as Onakantan Tali, situated north of the Sarvateertham Tank. There
  • is also a shrine of Omkara Vinayaka inside the temple.
  • Anekapechura celebrated in Tevaram as Kacchi Anekatankavatam situated near
  • Kailasanatha Temple, west of Putteri street,
  • Pascimesvara inside the temple Tirumerrali as noted in Sambandar’s Tevaram hymns, situated on Tırumerrali Street west of Pilliaıyarpalayam Street,
  • Otteesvara also inside the temple ” Tirumerrali” as noted in Sambandar’s Tevaram hymns,
  • sıtuated in Tirumerrali Street west of Pillaiyarpalayam Street,
  • Tirukkaleesvara (also known as Satyavratesvara) shrine inside a temple celebrated as
  • Tirunerikkadu in Sambandar’s Tevaram near Kanchıpuram Railway Station
  • Abhiramesvara on the road from the bus stand to Kamakshi temple.
  • Nagaresvara located behind the bus stand
  • Matangesvara to the north of Hospital Road.
  • Harisapa- Bhayaharesvar ın Nellukaran Street,
  • Kacchapesvara is the temple at the junction of Nellukaran Street and West Rajaveethi -associated with the legend of the suppression of Vishnu’s pride in having borne the Mandara Mountain, used as a churning rod when the celestials and demons churned the ocean for obtaining nectar.
  • Ishtasiddheesvara in a separate shrine facing west, inside the temple of Srı Kacchapesvar
  • Amaresvara is found in a lane off West Rajaveethi, a temple of the Pallava period.
  • Iravatesvara is a small temple of Pallava times, in West Rajaveethi.
  • Mahasastesvar in West Rajaveethi- near Vanniyar Choultry
  • Agasteesvar (II) is associated with the pilgrimage of Sage Agastya to the south (inside Upanishad Brahmendra Math), Kailasanathar Temple Road.
  • Kailasanatha is enshrined in a large temple built mainly by Rajasimha Pallava and completed by his son. Noted for its sculptures, stuccos, and paintings.
  • Kalahasteesvara in Tirumerrali street, Pillaiyarpalayam
  • Anadi – Rudresvara in Nadu street, Pillaiyarpalayam.
  • Dakshesvara in Kacchiyappan street, Pilliyarpalayam.
  • Cholesvara (Vairavesvara) ın Chales’ varan Street, Pıllayarpalayam
  • Maha Rudresvar in Madanampalayam Street, Pillayarpalayam
  • Visvaksenesvara ın Ekamban street, Pıllayarpalayam.
  • Ananda – Rudresvara in Chairman Swamınatha Mudalı Street, Pıllaiyarpalayam.
  • Kayarohanesvara on the west bank of Vegavatı River ın Pillayarpalayam.
  • Chidambaresvara to the east of Okkapirandian Tank, Pıllayarpalayam
  • Rudrakoteesvara (II) in Pıllayarpalayam
  • Mandakanessvara to the east of Okkapirandan tank, Pillayarpalayam
  • Vanneesvara
  • Saunuakesvara (also Kancheesvara) in Danappa naicken Street
  • Senapateesvar linga is enshrined in a separate shrine, ınsıde Kumarakottam, ın West Rajaveethi
  • Kausikesvara is enshrined in a temple constructed with granite stones, situated to the north-east of Kamakshi temple
  • Maha Kalesvara near Kah Temple, west of Srı Kamakshı Temple
  • Kannesvara ın Sengazhaneer Odai Street
  • Mohineesvara
  • Rudrakoteesvar (III) in Sengazhaneer Odai street
  • Trikala Jnanesvara inside bus stand compound
  • Siddhesvara in Kamarajar street
  • Virupakshesvara at the back of Keeraimandapam ın Valatheesvaran koil street
  • Valatheesvar near Kavalan gate – in Valatheesvaran Koil street
  • Kanikandesvar in Karukkınil Amarandaval Koıl street
  • Nagaresvara II in Mettu Street
  • Indresvara Linga with 16 stripes- behind Kailasanatha temple.
  • Mandalesvar (Mandanesvara) sıtuated in a garden in front of Narayana Ashram, near
  • Kachapesvara Mada Veethi – (formally known as Mandana Mıshra Agraharam. This temple does not exist now).
  • Jayantesvara Linga with 32 stripes, in the palm grove behind Kailsanatha temple
  • Mallikarjunesvara (II) in the garden behind the church in Konerikuppam
  • Mallikavanesvara in a flower garden, Konerikuppam
  • Pancamukhesvara is situated on a mound by the side of Vellaikulam (Tank)
  • Visvesvara in the outer prakara (Precinct) of Kamakshi temple.
  • Adipateesvara is situated in a small shrine opposite Deepa-Prakas’a temple in Kanchipuram-1
  • Phanadharesvara in Aladı Pıllayar Koıl Street, Kanchıpuram – 1
  • Parasareavara inside a small temple at the end of Chetty Street, Gandhi Road, Kanchipuram-1
  • Vazhakkarautteesvara inside a small temple at the end of Chetty Street, Gandhı Road, Kanchıpuram
  • Mukteesvara III on Gandhı Road, Kanchipuram – 1. associated with the eternal bliss of Tirukkurippu Tona Nayanar.
  • Garudesvara, Gandhı Road, Kanchipuram – 1.
  • Vyasasantaleesvara in a small street opposite Tirukacchı Nambı Street, Little Kanchipuram
  • associated with sage Vyasa having got freed from Nandikesvara’s curse, by worshipping Lord
  • Siva at Kanchi; stucco images of Vyasa – one with two hands stretched above the head and the other hands got down.
  • Vasishtesvara
  • Manikantesvara inside a small temple in Tırukkacchı Nambi Street, Vıshnu Kanchıpuram.
  • Vishakantesvara insıde a small temple ın Tırukkacchı Nambi Street, Vishnu Kanchıpuram.
  • Punyakoteesvara in a temple southeast of Chetty Street, Vishnu Kanchipuram.
  • Phanamaneevara in Ayyangapalayam, Vishnu Kanchipuram.
  • Varadarajesvara situated west of Vegavati River on the road to Tenampakkam Village from Vıshnu Kanchıpuram.
  • Kasyapesvara on the way to Pachayappas Women’s College, Vishnu Kanchipuram.
  • Ateesvara inside the compound of Pachayappa’s Women’s College, Vishnu Kanchipuram.
  • Tantonressvara (II) stands under an Asvatha tree in front of Vyasasantaleesvara temple in Vıshnu Kanchıpuram.
  • Brahmapureesvara: This linga is enshrined in a small temple, on the road leading from Vıshnu Kanchi to the village of Tenampakkam (south of Vishnu Kanchi). The Vimana of the temple is of the apsidal type (Gajaprashta – in the shape of a lying elephant) of the early Chola period. On the inside surface of the back wall of the sanctum, (behind the Siva-linga), a sculptural panel with the figures of Srı Paramesvara, Parvati, and Ganapati (in between the two) and Sri Adi Sankara paying obeisance to the deities are seen.