Pavalavannam Temple Kanchipuram: History and Timings

Pavalavannam Temple Kanchipuram History and Timings

The Kamakshi Amman Temple and the Pavala Vannar Temple are very close to the Kanchipuram Railway Station.
Under Pavala Vimana lives Pavalavannar, who is the ruling god. He is sitting on the heavenly couch of Adisesha with five heads and his back to the west. One foot is majestically bent at a right angle, almost up to his waist.
It is also possible to see his heavenly conch, wheel, and abhayahasta mudra.

The puranas say that during each yuga, the Lord takes on different forms. People who live in Tretayuga are thought to be sattvaguna (calm in nature) and like the color white.
In Tretayuga, the Lord took on a milky white form, which is known as Svetavama. In Kritayuga, he turned red like coral, which is how he got the name Pavalavannar. In Dvaparayuga, he turned green like an emerald, which is how he got the names Pachaivannar and Marakatha Vannar. In Kaliyuga, he is seen with his original blue skin tone, which is called Syamalavarna.

Pavalavannam Temple Kanchipuram

But Bhrigu Maharishi felt bad about what he did and wanted to make up for it. Lord Vishnu informed him that Kanchipuram was a good place to perform tapasya. Bhrigu Maharshi went back to Naimisaranya and told the rishis what had happened. Kanchipuram is the place where the Sage started his Tapasya. Lord Vishnu was pleased with his penance and gave him an impression of Himself as Pavalavannar, sitting on Adisesha, just like Bhrigu Maharishi saw Him when he went to Vaikuntham. Inside the sannidhi of this shrine, one can see the idol of Bhrigu Maharishi.

The temple of Pavaivannar is right next to the temple of Pavalavannar. The names Pavalavannar and Pachaivannar have been used together for a long time, even though this is not a divya desam. But the Pachaivannar temple is also a well-known temple that is talked about in the Puranas. Pavalavalli Thayar is the name of Pavalavannar’s wife.Folks say that once upon a time, the Rishis of Naimis-aranya were offering¬†a sacrifice for the good of all people. The heavenly sage Narada went to the spot and told them to give the sacrifice’s fruits to any of the Holy Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva), as long as they were good in every way. The rishis couldn’t agree on which of the Holy Trinity was the best at Sattvaguna. In order to make a choice, they asked Bhrigu Maharishi to check the qualities of the Holy Trinity. He went to Satyaloka, which is where Lord Brahma lives. It was a special time for Brahma and Goddess Sarasvati to talk. He didn’t notice that Bhrigu Maharishi had arrived. It irked Bhrigu Maharishi. He told Lord Brahma that no place on earth would honor him and he cursed him. The rishi then went to Mount Kailas, where Lord Siva and Goddess Parvati were seen together. He also didn’t notice when the Rishi came to visit. The rishi got angry and cursed that people would never worship Lord Siva in His human form again. Instead, they would worship Him in the form of a lingam. Finally, the rishi went to Vaikuntham, where Lord Vishnu was sleeping in a yoga pose on Adisesha. He also didn’t notice when the Rishi showed up. The rishi got mad and put his foot on Lord Vishnu’s chest. Lord Vishnu woke up right away from his yoga sleep. He did not get angry. Instead, he grabbed the rishi’s feet, rubbed them gently, and asked the rishi if his feet hurt. It was then that Bhrigu Maharishi realized Lord Vishnu had the highest sattvaguna because he stayed calm even when things got bad.