Sri Azhagiya Singar Temple Kanchipuram: History, Timings, and Route

Sri Azhagiya Singar Temple Kanchipuram: History, Timings, and Route

This divya kshetram in Kanchipuram is very close to the Deepaprakasar temple. This is a very old, dilapidated temple. There is not even a Rajagopuram. There are 3 sannidhis: one for the Lord, one for Thayar Amruthavalli and one for Garudar.

Sri Azhagiya Singar Temple, Kanchipuram

“Vel” means to want or need something. “Irukkai” refers to the place where he lives. In this sense, Velukkai literally means “a place where the Lord is happily settled.” It was first called Vel Irukkai, but over time, it changed to Velukkai.
In this place, Lord Vishnu is called Mukunda Nayaka. The god who rules over this temple can now be seen as Narasimhar. People say that the Lord first showed up in front of Bhrigu Maharishi, standing up and looking east under a Kanaka Vimana. At that time, people called him Mukunda Nayaka. But now we see that the Lord is here in the form of Narasimha and is looking west.

A story about one of the goddess Saraswati’s attempts to prevent Brahma from performing tapasya can explain this change. Saraswati, the goddess, told Kapalika, a spirit, to stop Brahma from doing the yaga. Lord Vishnu fought with Kapalika as Narahari or Narasimha and saved Brahma’s yaga.

At this Divyadesam, Thirumangai Alvar and Perialvar sang four pasurams to thank the Lord.

O God, once upon a time, as Lord Krishna, you killed Kamsa.
O God, once upon a time, you measured the 3 worlds with your three steps.
Are you tired as a consequence?
Is that why you are seen standing still at Velukkai?
and in a reclining posture at Thiruvehkaa?
O mind of mine! worship that Lord.

Second Pasuram

O Lord Narasimha, living in Velukkai, is there any help or vimochanam (redemption) for those who
do not surrender at your divine feet? (meaning to say there is no other way to seek salvation). This
is clearly proved when we deeply reflect on the fact that the fool, Hiranya Kasipu, who thought there
was none to excel him, was wholly destroyed, while the mere mortal, a child at that, i.e. Prahlada, who
placed complete faith in You, was safe. So pray to Lord Narasimha at Velukkai and seek His blessings
to guide you through the troubled sea of this world.