Thirumangalyam in Tirupati

Thirumangalyam in Tirumala Tirupati, Cost, Procedure

Location: Tirupati

Hall Capacity: 20 to 30 members

Marriage Duration: 2 to 3 hours.

No.of Purohits performing Pooja: 1

What is Thirumangalyam or Prarthana Vivaham?

It is re-marrying the same person for the second time as suggested by the astrologer after checking Kundali

When Thirumangalaym will be performed?

  • Some people get married without checking Muhurtham Date and Time, later realizing the importance.
  • Those who are having Second marriage in their horoscope
  • Disturbances in their married life.
  • Many other reasons to set right their married life

Thirumangalyam Procedure in Tirupati

  • The couple will get re-marry again in the same patter
  • Marriage will happen for 2 to 3 hours
  • Purohit, Nadaswaram and All Pooja articles will be provided
  • Mangalayam (Thali) have to be deposited in the Hundi while having Darshan
  • Darshan tickets have to be booked on their own

Pooja Arrangements

  • Hall Rent/ Small Space
  • Purohit – 1
  • Nadaswaram – 3 to 4 No.s
  • Pooja articles
  • New Dress (have to carried by the devotees)
  • Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner (As required)

Documents required for Thirumangalyam

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Bride and Groom’s Aadhar Cards

For more details, Please call @ 701 303 3309

Thirumangalyam Benefits

  1. Removes Mangalya Dosha
  2. Removes disturbances in the married life
  3. Stronger relationship