Srikalahasti Temple Tirupati

Legend of Srikalahasti Temple Tirupati, Route info and Darshan details

Srikalahasti Temple Tirupati, located on the banks of SwarnaMukhi River, a tributary of the Penna River.

According to legend, the river was originally called Uttaravahini. It changed its course of direction and began to flow near the Temple at Agasthaya Mahrashi’s request.

Srikalahasti is known as Dakshina Kasi or Dakshina Kailasam. It has a famous ancient temple to Lord Siva. It is one of the Panchabhootha Linga Shrines, where Lord Siva is personified as the element of Vayu or Air. The flame of the Oil Lamp kept in the Sanctum Sanctorum flickers even in the total absence of a breeze inside.

Srikalahasti derived from Sri means Spider, Kala means Serpent and Hasthi means Elephant. As these three sincerely offered prayers to Lord Siva.

Srikalahasti is located at 38 Km from Tirupati.

How to reach SriKalahasthi By Bus from Tirupati?

  • Direct Buses are quite frequent from Tirupati Central Bus Station
  • Any Bus which goes to Naidupeta, Sulurpeta goes via SriKalahasthi.

How to reach Srikalahasthi by Train from Tirupati?

  • There is no direct train as such as it is a short distance, Trains which goes via Gudur goes via SriKalahasthi.
  • As Gudur is Railway junction, the frequency of trains is quite high.

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  1. Where can i buy tickets for abhishekam to be performed in the evening? Is there any online booking facility ?