Deepa Prakasar Perumal Temple

Deepa Prakasar Perumal Temple is located at Thiruthanka in Kanchipuram District. This is one of the 108 Divya Desams (Holy abodes) of Lord Vishnu. This place is popular by the name Thoopul, as it is fully covered Dharba grass (which will be used heavily during Yajnas)

Deepa Prakasar Perumal Temple Legends

As per the Legend, it is said that Lord Brahma the creator, wish to perform Yajna for Lord Siva here, as he had no temple on this Earth. Brahma ignored His Consort Goddess Saraswathi (God of Education) while performing Yajna. Angered with Brahma’s doing, Sarasawathi cursed Brahma that there will no light to perform this Yajna.

Worried Brahma prayed for the Savior Lord Vishnu to provide Light. Vishnu appeared to Brahma in the form of divine light and helped him for the Yajna. As Lord appeared here in the form divine light, in Tamil light is called by Vilakku Oli (Light), Vilakoli Perumal and in Sanskrit, it is called by Deepa Prakasar.

Lord Vishnu helped in resolving the differences between Brahma and Saraswathi.

Sri Vedanta Maha Desikam, a famous vaishnavite scholar was from Thoopul region. It is said that Vedanta Desika is the reincarnation of Lord Venkateswara’s Golden Bell. It is said that Vedanta Desika was the gift of Lord Sri Venkateswara to the childless couple Sri Ananthasuri and Smt Thothaaramba. Once, Lord appeared in the dreams of Thothaaramba and gave his Golden bell, which she had swallowed in the dream. While Tirupati Temple priests started searching for the bell, a heavenly voice informed them, that the Bell has been given to Thothaaramba, which will be taking the form as a great scholar. From that day onward, the bell is not offered to the Lord.

Deepa Prakasar Perumal Temple History

This temple was built by Vedanta Desika’s Son Nayina Varadachari. One can find Lakshmi Hayagreevar’s Idol inside the shrine, which Vedanta Desika used to worship daily.

How to reach Sri Deepa Prakasar Perumal Temple ?

  1. Temple is 111 km from Tirupati. The direct bus is available from Tirupati to Kanchi.
  2. Temple is 3.4 km from Kanchipuram Railway station
  3. Temple is 1.8. km from Kanchipuram Bus station

Temples Near Sri Deepa Prakasar Perumal Temple

  1. Ekambareswarar temple is 3 km away
  2. Kailsanathar temple is 3.4 km away
  3. Kanchi Kamakshi Amman Temple is at a walkable distance.
  4. Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple is 2.4 km
  5. Kumarakottam Murugan Temple is 2.3 km away
  6. Pandava Dhootha Perumal Temple is 2.9 km away
  7. Karchpeswarar Temple is 1.9 km away

Deepa Prakasar Perumal Temple

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