Saneswara Abhishekam Sri Kalahasti

Saneswara Abhishekam Sri Kalahasti Timings: 10 am and 5 pm. which is a Daily Seva.

If Trayodasi falls on Saturday, then

Abhishekam Timings: 6:00 am – 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Ticket Cost: Rs. 150 for two persons

Dress Code for this Seva:  Men should wear Dothi/ Pancha  , Ladies – Saree

Devotees will be offered with rice mixed with sesame powder

Benefits of Saneswara Abhishekam Sri Kalahasti

  1. Pilgrims who do this pooja will get rid of Navagraha Dosha
  2. 7 years Sani Dosham
  3. and also Ardhastama Sani Dosham.

How to reach Srikalahasti?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Renigunta which is 20 Km from Srikalahasti.
  2. From Airport, it takes 30 mins by Cab.

By Train

  1. The direct trains are running from Hyderabad, Bangalore.

By Bus

  1. The direct bus is available from Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore.
  2. Bus frequency is high from Tirupati bus station to Srikalahasti.
  3. It takes 45 mins – 60 mins from Tirupati station.

For any queries on Saneswara Abhishekam, please leave your comment below, we will get back to your queries at the earliest.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Can we perform saneswara abishegam after raghu ketu pooja?

  2. can we perform shani puja after raghuketa puja

  3. can we know that did shaneshwara puja takes place daily or not

  4. I have to go for saneswara Pooja as well as rahi ketu Pooja,please let me know which Pooja has to be performed first.also let me know the time to be taken by saneswara pooja.whether both the Pooja can be performed on the same day & also Pooja Ethan is same or different

    • Hi Sir,

      First perform the saneeswara pooja and then plan to perform the rahu kethu pooja


  5. Hello, We are planning to go for Saneswara Abhishekam, Can we take tickets online for it or we must directly come and take in Temple ?

    Thanks in advance !

  6. Is thailabhishekam pooja performed at kalahasti on Saturday. If yes, can we go for it 21st October 2017?

  7. Saneswara abhishekam and Saneswara thailabhishekam. Both are same or different.Please guide

    • What is all about saneswara abhishekam. Can you explain

      • HI Sir,

        You can get the tickets for abhishekam only on saturday at temple counter.only purchase the tickets rest will take care by temple authorities


    • HI Sir,

      there is 2 types of abhishekam one is panchamruthabhishekam and another one is thilabhishekam.


  8. How long will be saneswara abhishekam

  9. after saneswara pooja we wear the cloths and continue and take by home

  10. Dear sir is saneswara Pooja have daily or not

  11. Sir we can do both Pooja that is rahu-kethu n శనీశ్వర పూజ.

  12. Channa Basava Koori

    please inform Shani and Ravi pooja timing and ticket price.

    • HI Sir,

      till 12 pm you can get the pooja sir and for further details you can contact at 9393939510


  13. Hi sir ,
    We want shaniveswara dosha nivarana pooja pls inform shaniswara pooja and ticket price

  14. Haii sir,shani dhosa nevarana puja n d rahu kethu puja,which day s good plz tell me sir.

  15. Hi sir
    My husband have Shani so this saneswara abhishekam is good ha. Wt we wear in abhishekam drees we want to leave their only ha plz replay me.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      shaniswara abhishekam will be performed daily at 10 am and 5 pm and it cost you Rs 150, male need to wear dhothi/pancha and female sarees. its not mandatory that you need to leave your dress.
      Thank you.

  16. Is there any Navagraham in kalahasthi. Navagraha Pooja can be done or not. I want to do Navagraham Pooja. please help me

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Rahukethu pooja is available in srikalahasthi from 6 am to 6 pm you can perform and for more details about pooja contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.