Sacred Theerthams in Tirumala

Sacred Theerthams in Tirumala one must visit

As per Legends, Of all the sacred theerthams and ponds on the venkatachala mountain six theerthams are considered as most sacred, Swamy Pushkarini, Akasha Ganga, Papa Vinasanam, Thumburu Theertham, Pandava Theertham, Kumaradhaara Theertham and Ghona Theertham.

A bath in Swamy Pushkarini is a merit bestowed only on those who have done a lot of good in previous births. This provides salvation, moksha, to the devotee.

Sacred Theerthams in Tirumala

A bath in Akasha Ganga provides the merit equivalent to performing a hundred rituals.

Aakasa Ganga Theertham8
Papavinasanam Tirumala

A bath in Papa Vinasanam frees the devotee from the consequences of the sins of a core previous births.

A Bath or a holy dip in Thumburu Theertham theerthas during their specified auspicious hour in a year will wash away all the sins and physical impurities and free from re-birth.

Tumburu Theertham Tirumala

A bath in Pandava Theertham removes hurdles in the path of destiny.

Pandava Theertham
Pandava Theertham

A bath in Kumaradhara Theertham would provide the advantage of having performed a Rajasuya Yajna. A devotee will attain salvation.

Kumaradhara Theertham
Kumaradhara Theertham

A bath in Goha Theertham frees the devotee from rebirth and the cycle of life and death

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