Akash Ganga Theertham

Here at Akash Ganga Theertham, Holy water comes out as natural steam here between hills rocks. This sacred water is used for Sri Vaari Daily Abhishekam. Devotees have to climb down the steps to reach Theertham.

In the olden days, the priests took turns to carry water all the way from this part of the jungle to the temple but now T.T.D has laid water lines into the temple and thus simplified the process.

This holy Akash Ganga theertha is found it’s rendering in the Vedas and it is commonly believed that Theertham originates from the lotus feet of the main deity in Ananda Nilayam.

Akash Ganga Theertham as stated in Puranas

The waterfall is about 5 km from Tirumala Main temple and the Tirumala Nambi family is allowed to take a holy dip at this scared Akasha Gang Theertham.

A bath in this Theertham provides the merit equivalent to performing a hundred rituals. Marriages can be performed here. The donation of gold is recommended at this theertha.

Bathing in this water is really refreshing and is said to wash away the evils and confer good fortune. There is a platform built by the temple governance where the running water is diverted for devotees to take the water first in hand.

Bathing is not allowed at this site, Devotees used to wash their hands and feet at this Theertha.

How to reach Theertham?

  •  T.T.D runs free buses to this Holy Site
  • Even private taxis are available to this place at a minimal charge.
  • A.P.S.R.T.C do run buses to this falls

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