Must Visit Seventeen Tirthas

Must Visit Seventeen Tirthas in Tirumala and Tirupati

Suta Rishi addressed sages about the Mahatyam of the seventeen tirthas beginning with the Kapila Tirthas

  1. Kapila Tirthas : At the foot of the hill is enshrined Kapila Lingam which was formerly worshipped by the Sage Kapila in the Patala Loka. For some cause it split the earth and rose to its surface and all the Devas prayed that it might rest there alone. Making an opening in the earth in front of it, appeared a Kapila- Pasu (Tawny Cow) later on and this hole is the Kapila Tirtha which possesses the power of destroying all sins.
  2. Sakra Tirthas: Above the Kapila Tirtha lies the very holy Sakra Tirtha, by a bath in which Indra became released of the curse of Gautama for his Illicit connection with Ahalya.
  3. Vishvaksena Saras: Above this second one is the sacred Vishvaksena Saras where Vishvaksena, the son of Varuna, rendered penance and obtained an identical form with that of Vishnu together with the commander-ship of Vishnu’s forces
  4.  Panchayudha Tirthas:  The five Tirthas named after the five weapons of Vishnu, Viz. Sankha (Conch), Chakra (disc), Gada (Club), Sarnga (bow) and Nadaka (sword), which are all very holy pools, are situated above the vishvaksena saras.
  5. Agnikunda Tirthas: This lies above the Panchayudha Tirthas and is inaccessible.
  6. Brahma Tirtha: Above the last one is situated the Brahma Tirtha which confers great merit.
  7. Saptarishi Tirthas: Near the Brahma Tirtha are the Saptarishi Tirthas which contain holy waters. Of these seven tirthas, the first one possesses ten times as great merit as that of all the previously mentioned tirthas taken together, and each successive one among the seven similar possesses merit ten times greater than that of each prior one.

How to reach Kapila Theertham ?

  1. It is 2 km from Tirupati Bus station. Share auto-rickshaws will be running to Kapila Theertham junction with high frequency.

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