Swamy Pushkarini Legends

Swamy Pushkarini Legends, References from Skanda Purana.

How Dharmagupta cured of his illness?

Dharmagupta, son of King Nanda. The latter in his old age adopted an ascetic life and left the kingdom to his on Dharmagupta. Once, this Dharmagupta while hunting spent some time in a forest at night. A lion pursued him; so the king climbed a tree. A bear also resorted to the same tree out of the fear of the lion who was sitting below, waiting to catch the prey. The king and the bear agreed to remain awake in turn, each for half the night and permit the other to sleep. First, the king slept and the bear protected him, remaining wakeful. In spite of the lion’s entreaties to drop the king, the bear remained faithful to its promise to the king. After mid-night it was the king’s turn to watch over the sleeping bear.. on the lion’s entreaties, the faithless king dropped down the bear as prey to the lion. The bear woke up, assumed the form of a Yaksha and cursed the king to be mad as the penalty for his heinous and criminal breach of trust. His retired father, Nanda, was informed of this. Unfortunately, they discovered the Swamy Pushkarini late and after a bath in it, it is said, Dharmagupta was cured of his madness which was due to the fact that he had dropped on the ground the bear which was quietly and confidently sleeping, having placed its head and shoulders in the king’s lap.

Swamy Pushkarini Legends

How Sage Kasyapa cured of his evil?

A pilgrimage to Venkatachala and bath in Swamy pushkarini also cured sage Kasyapa of his evil. Even though he had remedies to cure king parikshit of the serpent-bite of Takshaka, he did not go to cure him and on being bribed by Takshaka with jewels, he returned home from mid-way and parikshit died of the serpent bit. Anyone who has remedies must cure the sick and the injured till the last moment.

Skanda Purana, quoting Ayurvedic authorities, gives this tip to doctors and Vaidyas. So long as there is the slightest chance of life, the dying men should be treated with proper remedies; for none knows the crooked ways of Kala. Kasyapa failed in his duty and he had to make amends.