Ranga Mandapam Tirumala Temple

Ranga Mandapam Tirumala Temple, A big mandapam that is located on the southeast corner of the Sampangi Pradakshinam and to the left of the Pratima Mandapam, it houses several statues of royal devotees. It measures 32 m north to south and 18 m east to west. At its southern end, there is a small granite shrine about 3.6 m sq built with cut stones.

It is surrounded by a Vimana that has been kept closed. This shrine might have been the abode of the Utsavamurthy of Sri Ranganatha of SriRangam during His stay in Tirumala between 1320 and 1360. This was to safeguard the idol from destruction when Srirangam was invaded by Mallik Khafur in 1320. The deity was worshipped here till 1360 when it was sent back to Srirangam.

The Shrine might have been closed after the idol was returned. Now the processional deities of Malaippa and His Consorts are housed in this small shrine. Ranga Mandapam Tirumala Temple is decorated during Brahmotsavam and other festival days. The Asthanam is held here for the Dwajarohanam during Brahmotsavam, on Deepavali and for 23 days in December in Connection with the Adyayanotsavam and some other festivals.

The space for Pradakshinam here is only about 3 mt wide, Ranga Mandapam Tirumala Temple is supposed to have been constructed between 1320 and 1360 by the Yadava ruler Sri Ranganada Yadavaraya. The top portion of the Pillars in this Mandapam is carved with panels depicting scenes from Ramayanam. The style and architecture belong to the Vijayanagara period. On the pillars, there is a sculpture of boar holding a sword that resembles the Vijayanagara royal crest of Varaha holding a long sword.

On the southern side of this shrine, there is Yagnasala where Homas are performed. It has an inner Mandapam with four beautiful polished stone pillars. Ranga Mandapam Tirumala Temple is full of Sculptures carved in the Vijayanagara style. A portion of it is now used as the office of the Peskhar and TTD Publications sales counter. Kalyanotsavams are also performed here.

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