Places near Basara

Places near Basara, Route information, Tour package Cost, Online Booking

Vyasa Maharishi Cave

This cave is at a walkable distance from Temple and is 0.6 km away.

Godavari River & Bathing Ghat

Bathing Ghat for taking a holy dip is available near to the temple.

Ashok Sagar/ Jankampet Lake, Near Nizamabad

This place is 24 km from Basara Town. Ticket Cost. Rs.3 per person. Jankampet Lake renamed to Ashok Sagar and created park around the lake to promote tourism.

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple – Jankampet, Near Nizamabad

This place is 48 km from Basara Town. Lord Narasimha Swamy self-manifested here in Saligrama form.

Sriram Sagar Reservoir

This place is 90 km from Basara Town and takes 1 hour 30 mins by a drive.

Kuntala waterfalls

This waterfall is 123 km from Basara and takes 2 hours by Cab. The water passes through rocks and splits into a wide stream creating a scenic view. It falls from a height of 200 mt.

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  1. Hi sir . Want to akshrabyasam to my kid. Wht is diff bw noramal and special akshrabyasam thank u

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Normal aksharabyasam cost you Rs 100 and special cost you Rs 1000 normal happens in madapam and special happens inside temple .
      Thank you.