Dormitory Rooms in Tirupati

Dormitory Rooms In Tirupati

1) Dormitory Rooms in Tirupati is available for Pilgrims At Srinivasam Complex with free of cost.

2) Free Locker Facility available for Pilgrims at Srinivasam Complex. Free Food will be served at all TTD cottages.

3) These amenities complexes are well equipped with Toilets, Bath Rooms for Fresh Up.

4) Dormitory Rooms in Tirupati at Srinivasam Pilgrims Amenities Complex, Govindaraja Choultries Near Railway Station, KodandaRama Dharmasala and Sri Venkateswara Dharmasala

5) Pilgrims need not worry about the neatness of Amenities Complexes. The Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams is maintaining very neatly. Pilgrims can take rest in these complexes if they want to take rest.

6) Free Locker facility at Bhudevi Guest House Complex near Alipiri Bus Station.

7) Vishnu Nivasam offers Dormitory Rooms as well.

Dormitory Rooms in Tirupati

The crowd will be minimal on Tue, Wed and Fridays.

Private Hotels offers Dormitory Rooms as well with Rs.150 – 200 per person.

Dormitory Rooms Location:

Srinivasam Complex, Opposite Tirupati Bus station

Vishnu Nivasam, Opposite Tirupati Railway station

Madhavam Guesthouse, Beside Srinivasam Complex.


For more details on Room Bookings, Please call @ 85000 85151

Please leave your comments, queries or suggestions, we will get back to your queries at the earliest.




    • Dear Pradeep Agarwal,

      Yes, Dormitory will be provided at free of cost. Dormitory rooms available both in Tirupati and Tirumala.

      In Tirupati Rooms are available at Srinivasam Complex , Madhavam Guest House, Vishnu Nivasam and
      In Tirumala, Rooms are available at all Pilgrims Amenities centers , one of them is beside C.R.O General Office Tirumala.

      Could you let me know the exact date of travel?


  2. can i get contact number and adress of any free dormitory near tirupati railway station. please reply me i ll be waiting for your kind reply

  3. Dear sir
    I am coming to tirumala on 8 January 2016
    .kindly provide me contact no for room & documentary rooms for 2 days.
    Any arrangement for those coming without advance room booking.
    Also provides free darshan time. How much time requires?.

    • Dear Prakash Mankar,

      Rooms already booked to the full. Only option is to look for private accommodation in Tirupati.

      Please let me know if you need any help on this.


  4. I want to take only Bath ane tben i will immediately leave for Dashanam. Is facility available. I will be comming on 1st March 2016 Morning 9 AM.

    • Dear Devaraj,

      Yes, facilities available in Tirupati and Tirumala. Once you get down at Tirupati Bus station , take bath at Srinivasam complex (Opp. Tirupati Bus station) or if you are getting down at Railway station then take bath Vishnu Nivasam (Opp. Railway station), after which you can start to Tirumala.


      • Dear kamal,
        Do we get hot water at Vishnu Nivasam or at Srinivasam complex for bath to fresh up@ morning 6AM? because children and old people are there with us. We are getting down at railway station.

        • Dear Sir,

          Bathing facility is available but not sure about hot water.
          I will check and let you know on this today.


  5. Hi Sir,

    I am kiran travelling to tirumala alone and ill come back on the sam day after darshan so plz can you help me where can i keep my phones an valet while i go for darshan

  6. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to come to tirumala directly from Bangalore. I need to give my hair and take bath and go to darshan. Please let me know where i can take bath and get locker in tirumala.

  7. Sir..
    I am coming to temple on 12 th Feb 2016.. Its first time.
    Sir can I get free locker facilities in tirupati?
    Waiting for your reply sir…

  8. Dear Sir,
    I have booked 300/- Tic for 30/05/2016, Jut wanted to ask how long it will take for darshan. And it would be possbile to catch 20:30 same day flight to hyderabad from tirupati.

    Please Advise.

  9. Sir I will come on 27 th may Tirupati please give information for free dormitory

    • Dear Sir,
      Srinivasam complex (Opp. Bus station), Madhavam Guest House (next to Srinivasam complex) and Vishnu Nivasam (Opp. Railway station) are the available PACs in Tirupati.

  10. Sir i will cone on 12th june !! We will climb the mountain at night !! If we go to darma darshan how much time will it take for darshan !! We will be at main entrance at 2:30 or 3 am !!
    Please suggest me if it is the right time to do darshan and avoid the long queue ?

  11. How can i book Dormitory rooms . i will come there on 18th June with my family of three


  13. May I know the details pls where should I come to get a dormetary for 7 (ladies).what should I do for that we are coming on 27th of June from Coimbatore , Tamil nadu pls do reply

  14. Dear Sir

    I am planning to come to tirupati on july 14th 2016, with my 11 months daughter and wife for mundan of my daughter.

    Following is our schedule, kindly guide us if it is OK or we have to change the schedule.

    we will reach trilumala at 5.00 AM and first mundan for our daughter done.
    After mundan we will come to tirupati for taking bath.( as i am planning to book accommodation in tirupathi, due to non availability of accommodation in tirumala).
    After taking bath we will go to tirumala for spacial darshana for child under 12 months around 9.30AM.

    • mundan ==> “tonsure”

    • Dear Sir,
      Separate bathing rooms available at all tonsuring places in Tirumala. Plan to take bath there itself. Yes, you can avail Supadam Darshan anytime between 8:30 am – 10:30 am and 12 pm – 5 pm.
      Kalyanakatta will be crowded for Tonsuring. Please visit Rambagicha guest house near main temple for paid tonsuring service which will not take more than 30 mins here.


  15. Hi,
    I am travelling to Tirumala from chennai on Aug 4th. I have darshan at 4.00pm and again on Aug 5th at 1:00pm.
    We are 3 ladies and 2 gents and one 4 yrs old kid. we didn’t get accomodation. Is there any possiblity to get rooms in tirumala after 4’0 clk darshan. Please adise.

    • Dear Madam,
      Rooms are still available for booking Tirupati cottages. Please change location from Tirumala to Tirupati

  16. Dear sir,
    I will be reaching tirupati bus stop at 7 PM with my mother on 18 sept,sunday.I have to leave for bangalore at 10 AM on 19 sept. How can I have darshan ,plz guide

    • Dear Sir,
      If possible, please login to ttdsevaonline website to book accommodation and also book e-Special entry Darshan tickets for you and your mother.

      Please let me know if you need mroe details

  17. Sir,
    I and my family (6 members in all) are reaching tirupati at 11 pm or thereafter on 12 th september.. we have booked darshan next day at 11 am..
    can we get free dormitory rooms or any other accommodation facilities at cheaper rates near temple? i tried e-accommodation from ttdsevaonline.. but they are full till 9th october..
    how to avail those free dormitory rooms or choultry? can they booked online or we have to go there and register? will they be available since we would reach late night..

    • Dear Madam,
      Dear Sir,
      Rooms are still available for booking at Tirupati cottages. Plesae visit ttdsevaonline website to book accommodation.
      Please login to ttdsevaonline website -> Select e-accommmodation -> Ignore privacy error and proceed -> Change “Accommodation at” to “Tirupati”

      It takes 45 mins by bus and 28 mins by private vehicle to reach Tirumala. It is good to stay at Tirupati if rooms are not available at Tirumala.


  18. Balakrishna Udaygiri

    Dear sir ,
    i will be coming to tirupati on 21.08.16 .. but by mistakely my brother booke the accomodation for 22.08.16 … please help us we dont know anything about there

  19. DEAR SIR,


    • Dear Sir,
      You would need 4 Rs.2000 rooms for 24 members. Please create 4 login IDs and book 4 rooms by logging to ttdsevaonline website. Please let me know if you need more details

  20. I am coming to Tirupati with my cousin.we both are unmarried. can we stay at dormitory in Tirumala??
    Will that be neatness for girls to sleep nd freshup?

  21. Dear sir we are family of six member are coming tirupathi and v have a mokku of climbing seven hill before that we needed have bath can you guide a place for free bathing before climbing seven hills

    • Dear Madam,
      You can take bath either at Vishnu Nivasam (Opp. Railway station). Separate bathrooms are available for Men and Women.

  22. planning to visit tirupati from 22 dec to 5/ jan 2017, family of six persons, please provide complete details of accomodation and advance booking if any. at my mobile no 07389301119

    • Dear Sir,
      I really doubt if you can stay that long in Tirumala. You can book rooms for 6 days using 6 login IDs. Please create 6 login IDs on your family member nanes ad book the room.

  23. Sundarananda Mandal

    Are Dormitory rooms in Govindaraja choultries always available? If not when will available and how can get these rooms?

  24. Sir,
    I have advance booked room in the srinivasam complex for two person in my ID for 12.10.16. But due to some personal reason my friend cancelled his programme. Whether i can get room as per the advance booking.
    Kindly inform me.

  25. 5/11 /2016 17 persons rooms available sir please message sir

    • Dear Sir,
      It is common hall which is open for all. Weekend will be little crowded but you can use the faCilitie at PAC I and PAC II in Tirumala

  26. Hi, pls list the dormitory available in thirumala, it will be helpful for all

  27. Sir, am I need to book in advance for dormitory room or I can get it after reaching trirumala.

  28. Raj kumar Lakshetti

    Sir, I will be reach renigunta railway station at 9.00pm today. Is there any chance to get free locker facility ?

  29. Dear Sir,

    I am coming to Tirumala with my wife by 9 am on 3rd November 2016 (Thursday). Is there a possibility to get a room for one day in current booking in Sri Padmavati guest house? If yes, whom should I approach on the said date?

    I was also told that the charges are higher. Please let me know the approximate charge for room in sri padmavathi guest house

    Thank you

  30. Dear Sir,

    I would like to come down to Thirumala on 8th Nov 16, night , I am looking for a place to stay overnight , I am a single person, is there any place to stay there. can you respond.

    thanking you,


  31. Can u pls help me
    Am in plan of travel to tirumala alone and I would have bath in PAC1 & PAC2 but should I pay any initial amount for the lockers or can I take my own lock

  32. OM Namo Venkatesaya

    For kalyanam ticket holders, they will allow for darshan ?? Is it seegra darshanam or normal darsanam ?
    please give information about it

  33. Dear sir,
    I would like to come down tirumala at 8 Dec 2016, I have seen all online booking accommodation full. I m single person. I would like to stay overnight at tirumala. What should I do sir.

  34. Hi Sir,
    I’m single person coming to Tirumala for single day on 24th Nov, Please help me for Dormitary or Choultaries or Mutts for staying & lockers .If there is any online bookings , please let me know .

  35. Hello Sir,
    We are coming to tirupathi on 26th early morning 2.30 AM with two kids. And my parents will be reaching the station by another train around 6 AM. Will there be any room available for that 3 or 4 hours anywhere in railway station or vishnu nivasam? I searched in ttdonline and I did not find any.

    Please help me.


  36. Sir, i had planned to come tirupati on 16th of this December along with my family. But in online it is showing that there is no vacancy for accommodation. I want to stay there for 2nights. So please suggest me the best way.

  37. For 4 people 30th march domitory availble?how to book

  38. Sir i am coming tirumala tirupati on 22 march 2017 with my son aged 17, can i get accomodation

  39. I am coming on 16-may-2017,could you please tell me any dormitory will be available or not, for one person only,plz reply.

    • Hi Sir,

      for only 1 person accomadation is not available so that you can use the PAc 1 or PAC2 for accomadation its free of cost.


  40. We are two persons , reaching at tirumala on 27.4.17 evening. on line system is showing that no room if left. Whether I can get room or any other facility in dormitory along with my wife for one day

  41. Hello,

    Iā€™m planning to come to Tirumala on 6th May and need to know whether the dormitory rooms and bathrooms are clean & hygeine. Are there any rooms available on that particular day ???

  42. How to go in railway station to complex

  43. Hello,

    I have booked Rs 300 Special Darshanam (2PM Slot) on 13th May. I am planning to reach Tirumala by foot, so I will be starting at around 6 AM and I should reach Tirumala by around 10-11 AM. Should I book Cloak Room facility in advance to keep my bag?

    Also, will I be issued a ticket confirmation or biometric tag at Sri Vaari Metlu for my darshanam slot?


    • HI Sir,

      yes you can get the cloak room facility at pac1 or pac2 also you can also get the ticket for the pedestrian darshan.


      • Thank you for the quick response Sir. Are pedestrain darshanam and special darshanam different? As I have already booked the special darshanam I want to take that only. That is possible right?

        Thank you.

  44. Hi Team,

    We are planned to come to tpty on 19th evening, how to book dormitory rooms advance? Plz help us

  45. I have planed to tirupati on 21st may and i got Special Dharshan ticket also (Rs,300).
    But I did not get the rooms in Tirumala.

    Will i get get rooms in tirumala? Because we are 6 family members + chidlen.

    • HI Sir,

      Soory sir temple accomadations are fully booked so on arrival you can try for any suggestions you can try to ping us instantly.


  46. What are the timings for cro office in tirumala to book current accomodation. Sinece we are coming night at 10 pm.will counter open That time

  47. Hello,

    I will be coming to tirupathi by 8:00 AM tomorrow (25-08-2017), is there any place so that I can freshup and start to tirumala by walk?

    please advise me where can I freshup before I start my walk to tirumala.

    Thanks in advance.

  48. hi sir,
    we will reach tirumala on 24-9-2017 around 7.00am and we have special dharshan at 10.00am, where i can store my luggage and electronic gadgets together.


  49. Hi. Pales. Wet. 21.09.2017. Locker

  50. Hello,
    I am coming Saturday morning at 5am
    I would like to fresh up and go to Tirumala by walk.
    Does TTD provide any facility to freshen up and leave.

  51. K. Udaykumar Krishnan

    Sir, we are a family of 13 members reaching tirumala on 7th night by 8.48pm, will I be able to get dormitory for the entire family, please suggest

  52. Hi is there room facility available on 12,13 of November 2017?

  53. Hai sir I am coming to Tirupati on 18/11/17 and we do not had any room and we will be reaching on 18 night by Krishna exp can we get any facility to go to Tirumala at that time and can we accomdate in cloack room our Darshan is on 19/11.

  54. Hello,
    Iwe are coming 23.01.2018 morning at 5am
    I would like to fresh up and go to Tirumala.
    Does TTD provide any facility to freshen up and leave.

  55. It is possible to bok accomodation onlne.

  56. Can we stay their without advance booking.

  57. Hi sir. I am reaching TIRUPATHI at 10 pm can I get a locker at Srinivasam complex at that time

  58. Hi sir we are reaching tirupati at 10 pm is it halls are avilable for accomodation

  59. Cheepulla gangadjar

    Good day sir,
    We are reaching Tirupati on 17 th March 2018 at 7 am can we get any rooms to fresh up then going for a visit to Vellore .

    • HI Sir,

      rooms are fully booked sir so on arrival you can try or else contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions


  60. Hi sir we are reaching next month April 7 th 2018 at 8 pm…I need dormitory Ac or non Ac

  61. S.Subrahmanyeswara Rao

    I am reaching Tirupati on 3rd morning. Can I get accommodation for 2 days on 4rd & 4th May 2018?

    • HI Sir,

      rooms are fully booked sir so on arrival you can try or else contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions


  62. How to book dormitory room or common Hall in trupati

  63. Shantaram S Kajale

    We are 5 families, and total member are 18 members, we will required dormitory room on 05 or 06 July 2018.

    Request you to kindly book the same, we are ready to pay necessary charges, if applicable.

    Kindly help us

    Shantaram Kajale

  64. Dear Sir,

    We are 20 people expected to reach tirupati on 12.05.2018 saturday evening 7 o clock, 10 ladies and 10 gents, could you pls arrange for accomodation till Monday 14.05.2018 early morning.

    • HI madam,

      accomadations are fully booked and suggested to book in advance so you can contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions


  65. Dear sir/madam

    we are planning to visit Tirumala on 25.05.2018 & 26.08.2018,having total 11 adults,please arrange for accodomation


    • HI Sir,

      Accommodations are fully booked sir so on arrival you can try or else contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions


    • korada srinivasrao

      We are plianig his tiramala 17 07 2018 l am total 2 sinor citazen 4 persons adultes kindly argemats room sir grant to mesir

      • Dear Sir/Madam,
        all ttd rooms are fully booked if you need alternate accommodation contact 9393939150.
        Thank you

  66. Dwarikanath Muduli

    Room at tirumal of 8 person on date 31-05-2018

    • HI sir,

      it is suggested to book the rooms in advance right now rooms are fully booked sir so on arrival you can try sir or else contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions


  67. Free locker facility are available in tirumala ?

  68. Krishna Rangababu

    Is there any dormitory within bus station at Tirupathy

    • HI Sir,

      for how many members and when you are planning sir and for more details you can contact at 9393939510


  69. Dear Sir

    We are planning to visit tirumala around 40 members on 2nd July 2018 so can you help to reserve big hall and also advise the charges for the same.

    Kindly do the needful.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sreenivasa K

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      all ttd rooms are fully booked if you need alternate accommodation contact 9393939150
      Thank you

      • Dear sir,

        Can you guide since we are planning 50 members to tirumala for taking lord venkateswara Swamy darshan and we are coming by bus so advise where will fresh up easily to have the darshan fast and where will get free prasadam and can you organise big hall for us even paid basis also ok.

        Awaited your immediate favourable response.

        Thanks in advance.

        Sreenivasa K


    Sir, I am K VEERA BHADRA from Kakinada. I want to come to tirupati in the next week. I am planning to come alone. Can I have accommodation at tirumala for 1day

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      All ttd rooms are fully booked if you need alternate accommodation please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  71. Hello sir, we are planning to come to Tirupati on 23rd December, 2018 around 22 members, can u suggest the rooms there.

  72. Sir,
    Planning to visit tirupati on 10th nov.
    Around 20 adult members. Can we get free accommodation in the dormitory anywhere

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      All ttd rooms are fully booked if you need alternative accommodation, please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  73. Dear sir,
    I need documentary rooms in tirupati for 1 week. Could you please notify me if their is available or not.

  74. Dear
    We are planning to visit tirumala around 50 members 0n 4th Jan. 2019 so can you help to reserve big hall and also advise the charge’s for the same .
    Kindly do the need full thanks in advance..
    Dina bandhu kundu
    Kharbona, bankers
    W.B 722137

  75. Is there available dormetry for single person for refresh with in 2 he at tiruoati

  76. I want to dormitory or to take bath only
    For single person is there available

  77. I want a single seat in domitary on 21 Aug 2019 for 24 hrs

  78. Sir I want on Acomondation on tirumala at 8am dt 25-08-2019 for 9 nos family any possible

  79. Can I get dormitary on Feb 19 from 5PM for two members with my wife

    • Dear Sir,
      It is open hall with deposit lockers. If you are looking for dormitory rooms near to Bus station, please call @ 85000 85151


  80. sir.can i get dormitary room is one member only.for two days/3.3.2020.to5.3.2020 ii am senier citizen sir.3.3.2020 .please help me.

  81. Sir,
    I need a dormitory room for 2 days 01/05/2020 to 02/05/2020. We are getting in 20 persons including senior citizens and children’s. It’s available there. Please healp me.. šŸ™šŸ™šŸ™

  82. Sir is there any availability of dormitory in tirumala for one person
    I’m having Nijapada Darshanam on 21st Feb 2020
    So I need dormitory or accommodation on 20th Feb 2020.

  83. Sir. I’m arriving tomm morning. and going on foot to tirumala .But I need to take a bath and fresh up. What’s thr best way for family.thabks

  84. Hi,
    I am arriving on march 12 by 5pm along with my parents and we need to take bath and will procced towards darshan via alipiri mettu. Also we want to rest there on march 13 night.

    Kindly suggest me where should I go as we are coming there for the first time.

    • Dear Madam,
      Sure, Fresh up rooms are available near Bus station. Please call @ 85000 85151 for quick update

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