Morgaon Visiting Places

Morgaon Visiting Places, Temple and Tirth nearby

Ganesh Tirth or Amkush Tirth

Ganesh Tirth emerged much before River Karha. As per the Legends, Once Devas reached this place to worship Mayureshwar. Devas could find no water to take a holy dip. Devas prayed Lord Ganesh to show the way. Pleased Lord hit the ground with his Amkush and created the Kund. Hence the name Ganesh Tirth.

Bheem Tirth

A holy dip in this Tirth, blesses the devotee with Good strength.

Kapil Tirth

It was mentioned in the Mudgal Purana, that a holy dip in this Tirth will bless the devotee with knowledge

Vyasa Tirth

It is believed that a holy dip in this tirth will destroy ignorance.

Rishi Tirth

Whoever takes a bath in this holy Tirth will be blessed with true Dharma.

Sarva Punya Tirth

Shri Ganeshgaya Tirth

Pinda Daan and Sraddha will be offered here for the ancestors. The devotees believe that Morgaon is equal to Kashi and Pandeshwara as Gaya.

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