Morgaon Dwar Yatra

Morgaon Dwar Yatra Dates, Timings and Pooja details

Starting Day: 1st Day of Bhadrapada

Ending Day: 5th Day of Bhadrapada

Yatra Begins: Starts at Chinchwad on the 1st day and via Pune- Saswad- Jejuri -Morgaon.

Yatra Ends on the 3rd day night

11.      Deity Dharma worshipped


2.      Yatra starts from Chinchwad

3.      Alankarana to the deity in the evening hours.

21.      Deity Artha worshipped


2.      The deity decorated with ornaments in the evening.

31.      Deity Kama Worshipped


2.      The deity is decorated with ornaments in the evening

3.      Dwar Yatra ends in the Night after reaching Morgaon

41.      Deity Moksha worshipped


2.      Mangala Murthi heads off to Ganesh Kund for

the bath in a procession.

3.      The devotees take a holy dip along with the deity

4.      Maharaj performs Maha Pooja and Maha Abhisheka

5.      Idol is taken back to the temple.

51.      Special Pooja is offered to the deity


2.      Abhisheka

3.      Naivedya

4.      Annasantharpana

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