Morgaon Dwar Yatra

Morgaon Dwar Yatra

Morgaon Dwar Yatra Dates, Timings and Pooja details

Starting Day: 1st Day of Bhadrapada

Ending Day: 5th Day of Bhadrapada

Yatra Begins: Starts at Chinchwad on the 1st day and via Pune- Saswad- Jejuri -Morgaon.

Yatra Ends on the 3rd day night


Day Details
1 1.      Deity Dharma worshipped

2.      Yatra starts from Chinchwad

3.      Alankarana to the deity in the evening hours.

2 1.      Deity Artha worshipped

2.      The deity decorated with ornaments in the evening.

3 1.      Deity Kama Worshipped

2.      The deity is decorated with ornaments in the evening

3.      Dwar Yatra ends in the Night after reaching Morgaon

4 1.      Deity Moksha worshipped

2.      Mangala Murthi heads off to Ganesh Kund for the bath in a procession.

3.      The devotees take holy dip along with the deity

4.      Maharaj performs Maha Pooja and Maha Abhisheka

5.      Idol is taken back to the temple.

5 1.      Special Pooja is offered to the deity

2.      Abhisheka

3.      Naivedya

4.      Annasantharpana

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