Ashtavinayak temples

Ashtavinayak temples Timings, History, Darshan, Route, List and Sequence

Morgaon Mayureshwar

Lord Manifested here on Peacock Vehicle. Temple is 56 Km from Pune and is located on the banks of the River Karhna. It is believed that Lord Ganesh Killed the demon Sindhu at this place. It is said that Lord Brahma installed the Idol here.

Siddatek Siddi Vinayak

It is believed that Lord Vishnu installed the Idol here. It is said that wishes will be granted on performing 21 Pradakshina around the Hill.  It takes 30 mins for one Pradakshina. The trunk turns right side for this Idol. As per the Legend, Lord Vishnu killed the demon Madhu Kaitabha after worshipping Lord Ganesh here.

Pali Ganapati

As per the Legend, Lord Ganapati self-manifested on request of the devotee Ballal. The deity here called by Ballaleshwar. This temple is 118 Km from Pune. There are Idols in this temple, Dundi Ganesh Idol was worshipped by the devotee Ballal and the self-manifested idol called by Ballelshwar. The devotees first worship Dundi Ganesh followed by Ballaleshwar.

Varad Vinayak Mahad

The idol was installed the Sage Ghrita (Guru of Rishi Kaushik). It is believed that devotees wishes will be granted on worshipping the deity here. This temple is 80 Km from Pune. The devotees are allowed to perform Pooja with own hands.

Theur Chintamani

The temple is located at the confluence of three Rivers Mula, Mudha and Bhima. Sage Kapila decorated the Idol with Chintamani, hence the name Chintamani. The childless couple used to worship this deity seeking the healthy child. Temple is 22 Km from Pune.

Lenyadri Temple

It is believed that Lord Ganesh Spent his childhood on this Hills. The deity is called by Girijamata, Son of Girija. Temple is 94 Km from Pune. Sunrays touch the deity during the daytime. 307 steps, to reach the temple located in the 8th Cave.

Ozhar Vigneshwar

As per the Legend, Lord Ganesh Killed the demon Vignasur at this place. Temple is 100 Km from Pune.

Rajangoan Mahaganapati

As per the Legend, Lord Siva worshipped the deity seeking Victory against the demon Tripurasura. Lord Ganesh self-manifested here on his request. Temple is 50 Km from Pune.

Ashatvinayak Temple Darshan Sequence

Morgoan Mayureshwar -> Siddhatek Siddi Vinayak -> Pali Ballaleshwar -> Mahad Varad Vinayak -> Theur Chintamani -> Lenyadri Girijatmaj -> Ozhar Vigneshwar -> Ranjangoan Mahaganapati -> Morgoan Mayureshwar

How to reach Ashtavinayak temples?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Pune.

By Train

  1. The nearest railway station is at Pune.

By Road

  1. The temple can be reached by Bus from Pune.

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