Maha Ganapathi homam at Srisailam Procedure Cost

Maha Ganapathi homam at Srisailam Procedure, Cost and Timings

Lord Ganesha is the supreme being who removes obstacles from one’s plan or a venture in life. He is important for success, wisdom and intelligence, and prosperity. Srisailam temple is one of the Dwadasa Jyothirlinga and is highly preferred for all Poojas.

Purpose of maha ganapathi homam:

  1. Maha Ganapathi homam is the only way to appear lord Ganesh to seek his blessings and prosperity. Maha Ganapathi Homam cost is also performed by the people who have ketu dosha.
  2. Maha Ganapathi homam is particularly conducted to gain good health, wealth, contentment, and affluence.
  3. If you are having obstacles in the path of your new venture and business maha ganapathi homam will be beneficial to you.

The different types of maha ganapathi homam are performed.

  1. Mahaganapathi homam.
  2. Ashtadravya ganapathi homam.
  3. Sahasra modaka ganapathi homam.
  4. Vallabha Ganapathy Homam.

Maha Ganapathi homam Procedure at Srisailam

  1. To start the procedure of maha ganapathi homam prepare the place for a puja.
  2. Then light the diya and chat the Ganesh mantra.
  3. This maha ganapathi homam is followed by the vighneswara puja where the devotees request lord Ganesh to remove all the obstacles coming into their life.
  4. Then do pranayama and chat the gayatri matra.
  5. After the Gayatri mantra chants the next step is the sankalpam.
  6. While the mantras are chanted at the time offerings are made to god.
  7. They light the incense stick and diya while chanting the Ganapati mantra.

  8. In the form of rice and banana offered to god.

Maha ganapathi homam cost:

The ganapathi homam price could be varied depending on the puja samagri and the number of pandits required. But usually maha ganapathi homam price

When to perform maha ganapathi homam:

Maha Ganapathi homam can be performed on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi before Brahma muhurat. To perform maha ganapathi homam there is an auspicious day to perform.

  1. Sankatahara chaturthi days.
  2. On the janma nakshatra day.

Ganapathi homam samagri

  1. Turmeric
  2. Kumkum
  3. Sandalwood paste
  4. Agarbathi
  5. Camphor
  6. Beetle leaves/ veelyadale
  7. Flowers
  8. Coconuts
  9. Rice
  10. Kalasa vasthram- 1 towel or 2
  11. Rice poha
  12. Honey
  13. Ghee
  14. Dates
  15. Coins (20)
  16. Dried half coconut
  17. Naivedyams
  18. Sugar candy (kalluskkare)