Upanayanam in Srisailam: Cost, Procedure, Timings, and Booking

Upanayanam in Srisailam: Cost, Procedure, Timings, and Booking

The Samaskara, or ritual, known as Upanayanam, takes place when the young Brahmin boy receives the sacred thread and is initiated into the Gayathri, the holiest mantra in the Rishis’ teachings.The youngster, also known as the Vatu, as the young Brahmachari is called, is entitled to study the Vedas after the Upanayanam is completed. As this Samaskara represents a kind of spiritual rebirth, the boy, when the Upanayanam is done, becomes a Dvija, a “Twice Born.”. The origin of the word translates to “taking (NAYANAM) near” (UPA). The father brought his son close to the Gayathri Mantra, then to a Guru, leaving him under his guidance and care shortly after the Upanayanam was conducted. The Guru introduced him to the Vedas and taught him how to recite them in their original form, which eventually led him to God. The ritual of doing so begins for the new Brahmachari, opening a series of gates that lead to the realization of God, which is the ultimate purpose of human existence. Within the context of the four ashramas that are mandated for each individual, the Upanayanam ceremony marks the boy’s admission into the Brahmacharya ashrama. Upanayanam will be performed in a mandapa near Srisailam temple.

Upanayanam in Srisailam

  • Udakashanti: If you want to begin the Upanayanam ceremony early in the morning, this practice can be carried out the day before. This is the process of purifying the water that will be utilized for puja and other house and environmental purification rituals.
  • Nandi: Nandi, which means “beginning” in Sanskrit, marks the start of the rites. Brahmins are fed that day after receiving blessings from family and ancestors.
  • Matru Bhojana: Four other kids who have completed the Sacred Thread Ceremony are fed by their mother, together with the Vatu (the boy whose Upanayanam is to be performed). The youngster will then receive a mantra blessing from Purohit.
  • Yagnopaveetha Dhaaranam: Under the direction of Guru, the Vatu’s father, the young man places the Janeu thread over his left shoulder. The youngster is then bound with munja grass around his waist to ward off evil.
  • Brahmopadesham: In this stage, the child gets the “Gayatri Mantra,” the Supreme Mantra, from his father, who then assumes the role of his guru.
  • Suryadarsham: The child is led outside and instructed to look through a tiny hole he made with his hands to face the sun.
  • Bhikshakaranam: During this phase, the child begs his mother for rice as a charity, while other ladies in attendance chant Bhavathi Bhikshamdehi. This is done to provide him the understanding necessary to master his ego and senses and absorb Vedic wisdom.

Puja articles for Upanayanam in Srisailam

Puja ItemQuantity
Turmeric powder100 grams
Kumkum100 grams
Camphor1 Packet
Dhoop sticks1 Packet
Ghee500 grams
New DhotiOne set
Panchapatra and udarini1
Betel Leaves and Nuts10+10
Jandhyam, Yagnopaveetham or Sacred thread 3 strands, either gold or silver.
Flowers2 different varieties
Fruits12 Bananas & 5 Variety fruits- 5 fruits for each variety
HoneyOne small bottle
Kalasa Vastram1 Towel
Dry Coconut (Whole)1
Sugar250 grams
Sandalwood Paste/Powder1 Packet
Rice4 kilograms
Coins changeRs. 25
Sugar Candy (Kalakanda)250 grams
puja items

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to make the puja arrangements.

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