Holiness Swamy Pushkarini

Holiness Swamy Pushkarini in Tirumala

A sacred bath can provide the advantage of performing the horse ritual, the ashwa medha yajna.

A person who takes a holy bath in the lake will gain complete knowledge of himself, and will never commit any sin (na papey ramathe), and wil not be unhappy

He will also get the benefit of performing a donation equivalent to the weight of person (talapurusha dana)

He will get the advantage of donating a thousand cows (gosahashra pradana)

He will fulfill his righteous desires, achieve the four principal objectives of life, and attain moksha or salvation.

He may committed great sins or all sins (maha pathaka yukto va yukto va sarva pathako). All sins will be purified by a holy dip in a lake.

People will be endowed with wisdom, wealth, glory, knowledge, righteousness, and also detachment from all these.

The killer of Brahmin, a drunkard, an adulterer, or a thief of gold, and those who associate with such people can rid themselves of their sins by taking a holy dip in Swamy Pushkarini Lake.

If there are those who do not believe in the greatness of Swamy Pushkarini, they should not be assigned any work or given any job.

This great sacred pool of water provides the wisdom of singularity (advaita gyana), the pleasure of life, and freedom after death. This lake fulfils desires and destroys ignorance (agyana nashane).

Worshipping, praising, touching and bowing to the Swamy Pushkarini Lake (sthuvanti cha, prashamshamthi spushanti cha namathi cha) can free men from the misfortune of a rebirth in this world of mystery.

Such is a greatness of Swamy Pushkarini on the Venkatachala Hills, which destroys all sins and provides moksha.

Donation at Pushkarini

“Long time ago, Chandra (the Moon) donated gold ornaments at the banks of Swami Pushkarini and attained eternal beauty in return. Lord Kamadeva or Manmadha (the God of Love) gave his daughter away in marriage at the same banks of Swami Pushkarini and obtained a very desirable appearance and beauty that enchants everyone who sees him. Similarly, Kubera (the god of wealth) got his riches by donating gold here. Lord Indra donated sixteen different items at the banks, as a result of which he was able to conquer the most formidable demons. A Brahmin named Kavyavitta obtained Bramha Gnyanam (knowledge of the almighty God) and became known as a renowned scholar. Whoever donates any item at the banks of Swami Pushkarini will obtain higher abode after death”.

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