Guru Dosha Nivarana Pooja

Guru Dosha Nivarana Pooja, Remedies, Pooja cost and Temple details

Guru Graha Nivarana Pooja Preparation

  1. Recite Guru Gayatri Mantra for 108 times daily in the morning hours. ie before having breakfast.
  2. Use any Japa Mala to recite Gayatri Mantra. Japa Mala should have 108 beads so that count will be perfect.
  3. Recite this Manta on Thursdays in any Temple nearby i.e between 6 am – 7 am or 8 pm – 9 pm
  4. Perform Pradakshinam for 24 times which is required for 24 weeks
  5. Perform Archana on 24th-week for Guru followed by Archana for Lord Siva and Dakshinamurthy.
  6. Clean New Agal with Turmeric. Lit lamp with Cow ghee and Offer White Channa in the Temple.
  7. Wear Clothes which is in Yellow colour or Silk while performing this Pooja.

Guru Gayatri Mantra

om vrishabadhwajaaya vidmahae
kruni hastaaya dheemahi
tanno guru: prachodayaat

Guru Graha Beeja Mantra

Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah

Guru Graha Remedies at Temples

  1. Abathsahyeswarar Temple, Alangudi
  2. Sri Pallikondeswarar Temple Surutapalli
  3. Thittai Vasishteswara Swamy Temple
  4. Jalanatheswarar Temple Thakkolam

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