Ekantha Seva Tirumala

Ekantha Seva Tirumala Starting Time: 1:30 A.M

Ekantha Seva Tirumala  is the final ritual in the daily sevas. During Ekantha Seva for 11 months in a year except Dhanur Maasam, the silver idol of the main diety, Sri Bhoga Srinivas Murthy vigraham is seated on the velvet bed in the swinging golden cradle in Sayana Mandapam. A descendant of Annamacharya the poet devotee of the Lord, sings Annamayya keerthanas to put the Lord to sleep. Tarigonda Vengamamba’s Harathi is performed in a plate inlaid with the pearl-studded image of one of the Dasavatharas, a different plate and different Avathara for each day.Perfumed sandalwood paste biscuits are placed at the feet of the Lord Sri Venkateswara and on the chest of Bhoga Srinivasa murthy and Alamelumanga. During Ekantha Seva, The Lord is offered sweets, milk, fruits etc.

During Dhanurmasa, Lord Krishna is put to sleep in this cradle instead of Lord Sri Venkateswara.

After Ekantha Seva Tirumala, the Bangaru Vaakili doors are closed and sealed and the keys are handed over to the Jeeyar. Next morning, the keys are brought by the Jeeyar and in His holy presence, the temple doors are opened.

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  1. how to get seva tickets like ekantha seva , abhisekham, Rs.5 lakhs tickets. tiruppavad seva. teppostavam,

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you need get tickets online for that you need to enroll in seva electronic dip and the quota released on September 7th at 10 am.
      Thank you.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to get CM recommendation for the above mentioned sevas, and few are not available for normal people, for further details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.