Dwaraka Tirumala Kumkum Pooja

Dwaraka Tirumala Kumkum Pooja Timings, Ticket Cost, Booking procedure

Ticket Cost: Rs.100

No. of Person allowed: 1 person per ticket

Pooja duration: 20 mins

Pooja Days: This Pooja will be performed daily.

Ticket Booking: Advance booking is not available. Tickets should be purchased only at the counter fo the same day Pooja.

Pooja Dress code: There is no dress code restriction. Any decent outfit will be considered.

KumKuma Pooja Procedure

This Pooja will be performed to the Utsava deities SriDevi and Bhudevi. According to Hindu Sanatana Dharma “Kumkum” or Vermilion is considered to be most important which is so special for married women as it is applied by them to the forehead near parting of the hair seeking the longevity of their husbands. Usually, Sindhoor or vermilion or kumkum is the symbolic representation of Goddess Shakti who is also revered to as Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswathi and Goddess Parvathi.

Reference Link: Temple History