Dharmasthala Samuhika Vivaha

Dharmasthala Samuhika Vivaha Cost, Timings, Fee structure, Booking

Hall No.Of Mantaps Marriage Duration
Gowri Shankara Kripa 7 60 mins
Shiva Parvathi 4 60 mins
Mini Hall 2 60 mins

Marriages are allowed during Temple opening hours. i.e. 6 am – 6 pm.

No.Of Guests Marriage Cost
50 Rs.27,000 – Rs.30,000
100 Rs.36,000 – Rs.39,000

Dharmasthala Samuhika Vivaha Booking

  1. 3 Months advance booking required for Complete hall booking.
  2. Reception and Marriage Allowed at this Hall.
  3. 1 Month advance booking required for Samuhika Vivaha.
  4. Valid Photo ID proofs required at the time of booking Hall.
  5. Marriage Cost include Breakfast Charges, Mantap Cost, Valaga, Purohit, Pooja Items, Chairs and Lunch charges.
  6. Please note that reception and rooms not allowed at these hall for Samuhika Vivaha.
  7. The Bride and Groom need to get blessings a day in advance from Dharmadikari during Afternoon hours.
  8. Blessings and Special Darshan cost Rs.500 per couple.
  9. No Celebrations allowed at Dharmasthala after 6 pm.
  10. Group marriages are performed with 20 -30 members seating.
  11. The newly wed couple can have Normal Darshan after marriage.
  12. Only arranged marriages are performed at these function halls.
  13. No rooms allotted for Marriage Bookings. It has to be booked separately.
  14. Night marriages not allowed at Dharmasthala.

For more details on Dharmasthala Samuhika Vivaha, Please call @ 85000 85151

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