Dharmasthala marriage hall

Dharmasthala marriage hall Booking, Price, Booking

Marriage Procedure

  1. Bride and Groom’s Aadhaar Card photocopy.
  2. Bride’s and Groom’s parents Aadhaar Cards photocopy
  3. The couple must get the acceptance and blessings from Dharmadhikari a day in advance.
  4. Dharmadikari will provide the blessings in the afternoon hours.
  5. Rs.500 to be paid to the trust for the acceptance and Special Pooja.
  6. The couple is allowed to sit in front of the deity and special Pooja will be conducted for them.
  7. Groom must appear before Dharmadikari in a White Dhoti/ White Shirt and Bride in White Saree.
  8. Day 1: Acceptance and Blessings from Dharmadikari
  9. Day 2: Reception and Marriage.
  10. Bride and Groom advised to carry Photo ID proof.

Dharmasthala Marriage Hall Booking

  1. Different Marriage Halls are available with Capacity 100 – 500 members.
  2. One day Hall Rent, Water charges and Electricity charges to be paid.
  3. Hall Timings: 3:00 pm -3:00 pm (not exact)
  4. Hall decoration, Catering Services, Seating Arrangement, Puja articles etc to be paid extra.
  5. Hall Location: nearby Temple.
  6. Advance booking required as halls are limited.
  7. Booking receipt required for hall allotment.
  8. Only Hindu arranged marriages are allowed at these halls.

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