Can we get 300 rs ticket in Tirumala directly?

Can we get 300 Rs ticket in Tirumala directly and what is the booking procedure

Aadhar Card Slotted Sarva Darshan Ticket counters in Tirupati

  • Vishnu Nivasam
  • Srinivasam complex
  • Tirupati Railway station
  • Tirupati bus station

Daily, 10000 tickets will be issued at these counters for the same day or the following day darshan. Darshan time slot will be printed and the tickets will be issued thru the biometric system. Exceeding the count, the devotee can travel to Tirumala and report at the VQC-II entrance. The Q Line will be longer during weekends and on festival days.

Sarva Darshan Counters without Aadhar Card

  • VQC II entrance Tirumala

The devotee can directly report at VQC-II without any pre-booked Darshan ticket. Darshan waiting time might be 12 to 16 hours, depends on the crowd.

Can we get 300 Rs ticket in Tirumala directly?

Rs.300 Tickets counter booking is available in Tirupati Srinivasam Complex (Opp. Tirupati Bus station). Rs.300 ticket counter in Tirumala remains closed now. Following COVID safety measures, without Darshan ticket entry is restricted to Tirumala.

Special Entry Darshan counters in Tirupati

  1. Srinivasam Complex (Near Bus station)
  2. Head post office Tirupati (Near Thataiah Gangamma Temple)

Same Darshan tickets will be issued at Srinivasam complex only that too limited number of tickets per day. This counter remains closed during peak season. It is not advisable to plan a Tirupati Balaji Trip based on this counter. Daily 500 tickets will be issued at this counter. And the devotees used to stand in the queue line by 1:00 am itself. The Special Entry Darshan Ticket counter opens at 8:00 am and close by 5:00 pm. Head Post office Darshan counter opens at 9:00 am and close by 5:00 pm, but the same day Darshan might not be possible here.

Other available options to have Tirupati Balaji Darshan

  • Alipiri Mettu and Srivari Mettu Divya Darshan Tokens
  • 14,000 tokens will be issued daily at Alipiri Mettu entrance and
  • 6000 tokens at Srivari Mettu

Those who are planning to have Darshan, can avail these tickets while walking along the path. It is mandatory for the devotee to reach Tirumala thru these paths. As ticket will be stamped in the middle without which the ticket will be invalid.

For more details, Please call @ 8500 898 000

How can we have Darshan (2021) in Tirupati now?

At present, Divya Darshan and Sarva Darshan entry in Tirumala is not available. The devotee can reach Tirumala either by booking Special Entry Darshan tickets (Rs.300) online or thru Aadhar Card Darshan tickets issued at Vishnu Nivasam and Alipiri Bhudevi Complex. Every month on the 20th day, the Darshan quota for the following month will be released online.