Annavaram Marriage Procedure

Annavaram Marriage Procedure

Annavaram Marriage Procedure, Online Booking, Cost, Halls

Hall Cost Varies from Rs.3000 – Rs.5000 based on the Count.

Rs.3000 hall is ideally good for 50 – 60 members.

Rs.5000 marriage hall is good for 70 – 100 members.

Devotees usually perform the marriage at Room itself by decorating Mantap which cost around Rs.9000.

Annavaram Marriage Procedure and Booking

1. Simple Marriage includes

  1. 2 Tube lights
  2. 2 seating stands
  3. 40  chairs
  4. Purohit
  5. Nadaswaram
  6. Dinner
  7. Breakfast

2. Room cost varies from Rs.300 – Rs.1500.

3. Pre-booking required for Marriage Hall and Rooms.

4. Marriage cost Varies during peak and off peak hours.

5. On special days the above-said rates might go high due to unavailability.

6. Marriage cost differs with Marriage Hall Cost, Decoration, Food menu, No.of guests for the marriage, Pooja samagri and Marriage dates.

7. Advance booking required for Marriage Hall as Annavaram will be heavily crowded on auspicious dates

8. Private Marriage halls also available below the hill.

9. Devotees usually participate in Satyanarayana Vratham post marriage. During Marriage dates, Vratham will be available from 3 am onward.

10. Marriage Hall booking requires Aadhaar Card and 10th Class certificates for Address and Age proofs from bride and bridegroom.


Reference Link: timings


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  2. good mrng sir,my sister marriage 6-2-2019,we are coming to before date 5th how can apply the rooms and panthulu garu ,catering so many also plz tell me information

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