Annavaram Kalyana Mandapam Booking

Annavaram Kalyana Mandapam Booking Online procedure, Hall cost and Registration procedure

A Marriage can be performed even without Kalyana Mandapam at Annavaram. Marriages are performed outside cottages with simple mandapam decorations.

Annavaram Kalyana Mandapam Booking Online

  1. The Bride must be 18 years and above.
  2. The Groom must be 21 years and above
  3. The Bride and Groom’s families should be Hindus.
  4. Only Hindu arranged marriages are allowed at Annavaram
  5. Hall Booking opens on the 30th day from the date of marriage
  6. On Hall rent payment a receipt will be issued, which is required for the Hall allotment.
  7. Kalyana Mandapam and Two Rooms can be booked
  8. For Free Kalyana Mandapam booking, the queue line usually is long and booking happens from date to date.
  9. Free Mandapam, might be available after the booking date as it is limited.
  10. Kindly note that All Mandapams are Non-Ac. An air cooler can be arranged inside the Mandapam.
  11. No Kalyana Mandapam is located on the temple premises. All mandapams are located outside the temple.

Required documents for Kalyana Mandapam Booking

  1. Bride and Groom’s Aadhar Cards photocopies
  2. Bride parents and Groom parent’s Aadhar Cards photocopies
  3. Lagna Patrika/ Muhurtham Paper
  4. For Free Kalyana Mandapam Booking, White ration card photocopies are required from Bride and Groom

Annavaram Kalyana Mandapam Rates

Hall CapacityHall Rent (Approx)Hall allotment Timings
50 to 75 membersRs.6000 to Rs.75004.00 pm to 2.00 pm
100 To 150 membersRs.9000 to Rs.105004.00 pm to 2.00 pm
500 to 1000 (Open Ground)Rs.25000 to Rs.350004.00 pm to 2.00 pm


marriage halls capacity

Hall rent and allotment timings might differ from the actual.

Hall NameHall TypeHall Capacity
Vishnu SadanBig Hall100 – 150 members
Vishnu SadanSmall Hall40 – 50 members
Hari Hara Sadan2 Ac Rooms20 – 30 members
Hari Hara Sadan2 Non-Ac Rooms20 – 30 members
Sita Rama SatramNon-Ac Hall100 members
Old CC Cottage2 stages50 – 80 members
New CC Cottage2 stages50 – 100 members
Ac Kalyana Mandapam (not available)2 halls150 – 200 members
marriage halls list

For more details, Please call or WhatsApp at 701-303-3309

Other Marriage services

  1. Purohit
  2. Pooja Samagri
  3. Sannai Melam
  4. Mandapam decoration
  5. Catering services – Dinner/ Breakfast/ Lunch

All the mentioned services will be charged,

Satyanarayana Vratham After Marriage

  1. Satya Narayana Vratham will be performed in slots for groups of devotees.
  2. Vratham can be performed in Kalyana Mandapam as well with extra charges
  3. Purohit Charges and Pooja articles charges will be charged for separate pooja at Mandapam.