Telugu Marriage Dates 2021

Telugu Marriage Dates 2021, Muhurtham Time, Special Kalyanam

The below-mentioned are Generic Dates. Please check with an astrologer on the auspicious marriage date.

Telugu Marriage Dates 2021

Month2021 Marriage Dates
Jan 20212Jan, 3Jan, 5Jan, 6Jan, 7Jan, 8Jan, 9Jan
Feb 2021No Muhurtham Dates
Mar 2021No Muhurtham Dates
Apr 2021No Muhurtham Dates
May 20213May, 4May, 5May, 6May, 12May, 13May, 14May, 19May,
21May, 22May, 23May, 26May, 27May, 28May, 29May, 30May
Jun 20211Jun, 2Jun, 3Jun, 4Jun, 5Jun, 6Jun, 15Jun, 16Jun, 17Jun,
18Jun, 19Jun, 20Jun, 22Jun, 23Jun, 24Jun, 26Jun, 27Jun, 29Jun
Jul 20211Jul, 2Jul, 3Jul, 4Jul
Aug 202111Aug, 12Aug, 13Aug, 14Aug, 18Aug, 19Aug, 20Aug, 21Aug,
22Aug, 25Aug, 26Aug, 27Aug
Sep 20211Sep
Oct 20218Oct, 9Oct, 10Oct, 13Oct, 14Oct, 15Oct, 16Oct, 17Oct, 19Oct,
20Oct, 21Oct, 23Oct, 24Oct, 30Oct
Nov 20216Nov, 9Nov, 10Nov, 11Nov, 12Nov, 13Nov, 14Nov, 16Nov,
17Nov, 20Nov, 21Nov, 26Nov, 27Nov, 28Nov
Dec 20215Dec, 7Dec, 8Dec, 9Dec, 10Dec, 11Dec, 12Dec, 17Dec, 18Dec,
19Dec, 23Dec, 24Dec, 25Dec, 26Dec, 28Dec, 29Dec

Marriage Hall Booking Procedure

  • One month advance booking required for the marriage halls
  • Small Size Hall Cost Rs.5000
  • Big Size Hall cost: Rs.8000
  • Small Size Halls: 24 Available
  • Big Size Halls: 12 Available
  • Halls are located in 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors
  • Ac and Non-Ac rooms are located opposite to the Kalyana Mandapam
  • Bride and Groom’s Aadhar Cards, Bride parents and Groom Parents Aadhar Cards Photocopies required.
  • And Lagna Patrika is required for the hall booking
  • Open space marriage cost Rs.400 for Space and Video

For more details, Please call @ 701 303 3309