Akasaganga Gods service

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Akasaganga Gods service Sthalapurana

As per Legends, One of the items of service to which Tirumalai Nambi devoted himself was the carrying of water from the Papanasanam, a few miles away, for the daily ablution of the God. He used to carry the water-pot on the head reciting the Periya Tirumoli of Tirumangai Alvar on the way. One day he noticed suddenly that the weight on the head was diminishing gradually, and discovered when he looked at it that the pot was empty. Turning back he discovered a young hunter was drinking off the water by deftly making a small hole in the earthen pot by means of an arrow. To the Nambi’s angry question whether it was proper that he should do what he did, as the water was intended for (God’s service, the hunter answered with a provoking nonchalance ” 0, Grandfather, do not be distressed about the water. Here a little way down is a holy pool of water, from which you can carry the water for the temple service”. So saying he went a little way ahead and pointed to the Akasaganga, and said “This is the holy Ganges water itself, and you might bring this daily for our service “. So saying the hunter disappeared. Wondering at the exhibition of God’s grace to his devotees, he became even more” devoted than before, and was thereafter carrying water from the Akasaganga instead of the more distant Papanasanam.

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