Weekly sevas in Tirumala

Weekly Sevas in Tirumala, As enlisted already, Visesha Pooja, Astadala paada padmaaradhanamu, Sahasrakalasaabhishekam, Thiruppavada seva, Poolangi Seva and Vastralankarana seva (Thirumanjanam) are the sevas performed to Lord Venkateswara.

Weekly sevas in Tirumala

Visesha Pooja

During this sevai, adiyen is told that Archanai is performed to Lord Venkateswara with bilva leaves on Monday. Thayar is fond of bilva leaves and hence this archana is performed.

Ashtadala Paada Padmaaradhanamu

During this seva which is performed on Tuesdays, Sahasra naama archana is peformed to the Lord with 1,008 golden lotuses.

Sahasra Kalasaabhishekam

During this seva which is performed on Wednesdays, abhishekam to utsava murthy with 1008 kalasams are performed .

Thiruppavada Seva (AnnaKootam)

During this seva, on Thursday mornings, huge quantities of variety of prasadams cooked and heaped on the floor in the shape of Lord’s Thirumugam in front of Lord Venkateswara near Garuda sannadhi. Various delicacies like Pulihora, Chakarai Pongal etc are heaped on the floor. For this seva, Bhoga Srinivasa Murthy who is ever linked to Moolavirat by means of golden chord is brought to the mandapam at the entrance of Bangaru Vaakili and neivedyam is offered. The huge quantities of neivedyam are briskly removed by poor people who would be eagerly waiting outside . The archakars also partake their share . Lots of prasadam are distributed during this seva and it is believed that one who does this seva will not have any scarcity for food in his life.

Poolangi Seva and Netra Darsanam

On every Thursday evening, as a part of preparation for next day’s Thirumanjanam, all the precious ornaments except Lakshmi Haaram , Sankhu and Chakram are removed from Perumal’s Thirumeni and Perumal is fully bedecked with a variety of flowers. Even Srinivasal’s THIRUMAN KAAPU “ which covers His eyes are removed and hence only on Thursday evenings, the devotees can have NETRA DARSANAM of Perumal. This is very eye captivating and one must not miss to have Netra darsanam of Perumal.

Vastralankarana Seva (Thirumanjanam)

Seva cost is Rs.12,500/- only couples are allowed. The seva has to be booked atleast 3 years in advance. The booking for Vastram No. 1 is already over upto the year 2015
This is the best among all sevas because we are allowed to sit in His holy presence for more than 1 ½ to 2 hours. Only the blessed get the opportunity of performing Thirumanjanam to the Lord who swallowed the whole world and was lying as a small child on a banyan leaf during pralaya, the Lord who covered the 14 worlds with his three steps . Lord Srinivasa is known for his 3 gunas sowseelyam, sowlabhyam and vatsalyam .

Weekly sevas in Tirumala, For availability please refer http://www.ttdsevaonline.com/eseva/availabilitychart.aspx

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  1. I want book for Nija pada darshan and Thomas seva

    • HI Madam,

      You can register in online under electronic seva dip and now quota is released for october month