Uchi Pillayar Temple

Uchi Pillayar Temple located on a rock fort in Tiruchirapalli.

Thayumana Swamy Legend

Siva Lingam at Thayumana Swamy shrine is represented by an imposing natural projection of rock over 5 feet high.

As per the Legends, an ardent devotee Ratnavati became pregnant, her mother went to help her during delivery time. Ratnavati lived on the north bank of the river Cauvery, which flows thru Tiruchirapalli. As the baby delivery time approached, Ratnavati’s mother had to go to Tiruchirapalli, crossing the river which was flooding.

A worried Ratnavati prayed to the Lord and found her mother by her side. The baby was born safely. Soon after the floods receded, her mother reached the place. When she asked how she managed to deliver the baby, then they came to know that it is Lord who came in the form of her Mother. Thayum ana means “One who became the Mother”.

It is believed that the original temple entrance was facing East and now it is in the opposite direction. As per the Legends, Sage Sarama an ardent devotee of Lord Siva used to grow a special flower in his garden for the Lord. One day he found a guard of King Parantaka Chola ( 907 A.D – 955 A.D) was taking away the flowers. The sage complained to the King about the theft. King ignored the complaint after knowing from the guard that the queen ordered for these flowers. Sage cried a lot before the Lord as he was not able to perform Pooja.  Lord Siva became angry that He averted his benign glance from the capital city of Urayiur. This caused a rain of soil to fall on the city, the worried king prayed for Vekkali Amman ( a form of Goddess Parvati), who pacified the Lord.

Uchi Pillayar Temple Legends

As per the Legends, Vibishana brother of Ravana was returning to Lanka from Ayodhya after attending the Coronation of Lord Rama. Lord Rama presented him the Idol of Sri Rangantha in the recumbent form, which Sri Rama and his clan were worshipping. Rama mentioned that this Idol should not be placed on the ground till you reach Lanka. Vibhishana while crossing Cauvery thought of offering prayers to Sun God. He then looked around and found a young boy to whom he handed over the Idol and asked him not to place it on the ground. The Young boy set the terms that he will keep this Idol down on the Earth if he is not going to return for his three calls.

Vibhishana surprised to find the Idol on the Earth and is immovable. Angered Vibhishana chased the boy up to the top of a nearby hill and rapped him hard on his forehead. Immediately, the young boy turned into Ganesha and gave darshan to him. And therefore, the name ‘Uchi Pillayar’

Uchi Pillayar Temple History

Thayumanaswamy temple is located at the beginning of Rock fort hill. Lord Siva was carved out of the hill. There are 420 steps to the top of the hill. Pillayar Temple is located on top of the hill, which is 83 m high. It is estimated that the rock to be 3800 million years, even older than the Himalayas in India.

From the inscriptions on the temple walls, it is known that the oldest dates back to 3rd Century BC while later inscriptions refer to the Pallava times in the 6th and 7th Century A.D and the Carnatic Wars during the early British presence in India.

Uchi Pillayar Temple Timings

6:00 am – 8:00 pm

Uchi Pillayar Temple Address, Contact number

Arulmigu Thayumanavar Temple, Rock Fort Teppakulam, Trichy, PinCode- 620002

How to reach Uchi Pillayar Temple?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Tiruchirapalli which is 8.4 km away

By Train

  1. Tiruchirapalli is connected with all parts of India. Direct trains are available.

By Bus

  1. Tiruchirapalli is well connected with all parts of TamilNadu and with major cities in Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Uchi Pillayar Temple Gallery

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