Ubbalamadugu falls Tada

Ubbalamadugu falls Tada is near Varadaiah Palem Village. Ubbalamadugu forest which spreads over Varadaiahpalem and Buchinaidu Kandriga mandals is an interesting picnic spot. It is located to the North of SriCity in Chittoor district. This falls continues to lure youth from all parts of South India. It is the best picnic spot during Summer when water flow is normal. Usually, trekkers prefer climbing Rock hills at Ubbalamadugu falls for best view from the top. While in winter flow will be high and security over there will not allow for trekking due to safety reasons. The falls are located in a forest called Siddulaiah Kona. Lord Siva is located here, Maha Shivaratri festival is celebrated here in a grand.

How to reach Ubbalamadugu  falls?

  1. The direct bus runs at low frequency to Varadaiah Palem, instead, one can board Tirupati – Chennai, bus route: Tirupati- Sri Kalahasti – Varadaiahpalem – Tada – Chennai. You can get down at Varadaiahpalem.
  2. From Varadaiahpalem, share autos, mini cabs run to Ubbalamadugu Forest entrance. Which is at 7 km from VaradaiahPalem.
  3. From forest entrance grate falls is at 3 km, falls located next to Siva temple.
  4. For safety reasons, one can stop here. During winter rocks will be slippery.
  5. During summer, one can step forward to reach next falls which are at 2 km away from Siva temple. Attention is not required, as rocks quite huge. Security staff is deployed here for safety reasons.
  6. Tada falls is 72 km from Tirupati, 35 km from Sri Kalahasti and  97 km from Chennai.
  7. From chennai, it is same route in reverse direction. Chennai – Tada route – Varadaiahapalem.

Entry fees

S.No   Ticket cost
1 Person Rs. 2
2 Two wheeler Rs.20
3 Four wheeler R. 50
4 Heavy vehicle (bus) Rs.100
5 Camera Rs.50
6 Video camera Rs.100

Different routes to Ubbalamadugu falls Tada

Route 1:  Tirupati – Tiruchanoor Bypass – Sri Kalahasti – Varadaiahpalem – Falls ( No toll in this route)

From Chennai Route 1: Chennai – Red hills – Tada – Varadaiah palem – falls ( this route is having 3 toll gates with four lane road)

Route 2:  Chennai – Tiruvallur – Uthukotai – Sathyavaedu – Varadaiahpalem – Falls (This route is not having any toll gates, usually single and double roads with good scenic view as it passes thru villages)

Route 3: Chennai – Avadi – Thiruninravur – Periyapalem – Sathyavedu – Falls.

Precautions at Tada falls

  1. Do not enter restricted zone, which is meant for your safety
  2. Do not consume liquor.
  3. Do not enter pool over there unless you know swimming.
  4. Do not leave waste materials in the forest.
  5. One can stay up to 4 pm at falls.
  6. A nearby hospital is at 14 km away from Falls.
  7. Do not leave any plastic waste in the forest.


Ubbalamadugu falls Tada Gallery

Ubbalamadugu falls Tada Video

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  1. Is there available hired return taxi from chennai Central to Ubbalamadugu falls Tada, if yes then how much it charged for same day return journey.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      It depends on the vehicle you choose, for booking taxi please call at 8500 898 000 .
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