Nagalapuram SK Waterfalls

Nagalapuram SK Waterfalls, Route Information and the Best time

Route Information and Other details

  1. Falls is 70 km from Tirupati and 10 km from Nagalapuram.
  2. Water flows 365 days in a year.
  3. Route map : Tirupati -> Nagalpuram -> Rajulakandriga -> SK Waterfalls
  4. From Chennai -> Uttukottai -> Nagalpuram -> Rajulakandriga -> SK Waterfalls.
  5. Visitors can spend 6-7 hours at these natural falls.
  6. Devotees used to offer prayers at Lord Siva temple.

Things to avoid

  1. Alcoholsumption is not allowed
  2. NonVeg food is not allowed.
  3. Children not allowed to take bath in the falls as it is deep inside
  4. It is not advised for Non-Swimmers.
  5. Please avoid plastic usage or don’t leave any plastic waste in the forest.
  6. Don’t leave food in the forest as it can attract wild animals.

Best Time to Visit

  1. Water flow will be high during rainy season ie. Oct – Jan
  2. Best time to visit falls is in the month of Dec

Things to carry

  1. Tube or Life Jacket is advisable
  2. Food and water to be carried as there are no shops nearby

Vehicles Advised

  1. Vehicles with low ground clearance can be parked at JB Puram (Jambukesa Puram). From there it is 1 km by walk
  2. Two Wheelers/SUV/Jeeps are good to reach the falls.

Nagalapuram SK Waterfalls

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