Gundala Kona Waterfalls

Gundala Kona Waterfalls

Distance: 77 Km from Tirupati , 25 Km away from Railway Kodur. Gundala Kona waterfalls is a popular tourist site near tirupati.

Gundala Kona one of the most popular site to visit near Railway Kodur. Lord Siva’s Temple is located here. This place will be crowded during Kartheeka Maasam  as thousands of devotees visit this place to perform pooja to Lord Siva. Mahashivratri festival is celebrated here every year since centuries.

Importance of this site is that Water flows in Gundala Kona falls throughout the year.

Gundalakona is the place where Sage Viswamitra installed Gundaleswara Swamy in a temple.

Above the Gundala kona falls there are seven more Gundams or falls namely Pasupu gundam, Ginni gundam, Akka devatala gundam.


Interesting places nearby Gundala Kona:

Salindra kona ( Salindhra Kona ) which is at a distance of 3 kilometers from Gundala kona.

Nilakanteswara Swamy temple which is at 15 kms away from Y.Kota.


How to reach here?

A.P.S.R.T.C runs buses to Gundala kona for a day during Shivaratri via Y.Kota from Railway Koduru.

You can reach Railway kodur by public transport and then head straight to Gundala kona.


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Gundala Kona Waterfalls

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