TTD Accommodation in Tirupati Online Booking

TTD Accommodation in Tirupati Online Booking Guidelines :

  • Pilgrim should know all these points listed below with respect to TTD Accommodation in Tirupati Online Booking Guidelines
  • TTD will release rooms for online booking at 12:15 a.m IST.
  • TTD Website will be under maintenance from 12:01 a.m to 8:59 a.m IST
  • Updated Rooms Quota will be available for online booking from 9:00 a.m IST
  • Srinivasam Complex and Madhavam Guest House Rooms are available online
  • 100 Rooms from Srinivasam and 100 from Madhavam Guest House are released online by TTD
  • Accommodation online booking is available from one day to a maximum 60 days in advance.
  • Current Booking is not available online, which means if you are looking for Accommodation at Srinivasam for Today, it won’t be available online. These rooms are meant for On Arrival at Srinivasam Complex.
  • Rooms for Madhavam Guest House is also allotted at Srinivasam Complex.
  • Online booking is not available for Vishnu Nivasam, these rooms are allotted on Arrival.
  • Pilgrim is allowed to perform a maximum of two transactions and next booking is allowed only after 60 days.
  • Pilgrim should provide active mobile number while booking online to receive updates.
  • Pilgrim should carry two printouts of the confirmation e-mail along with original proof of ID.
  • Once the booking is made, there is no postponement/postponement/ cancellation allowed.
  • Room is allotted on the person’s name who did online booking. Accommodation in non-transferable.
  • In the event of not availing the accommodation on the specified date, No refund will be made under any circumstances to the pilgrims.
  • For on Arrival Devotees, Room Rent + 1 Day Room Rent (As caution deposit) should be paid at the counter. If there are no further damages then the amount will be refunded.
  • T.T.D reserve the right of cancellation of the accommodation under any special circumstances.

For any queries on TTD Accommodation in Tirupati Online Booking, please leave your comment below, we will get back to your query at the earliest.

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  1. It is mentioned at several places that online booking of rooms in Srinivasam is open up to 56 days in advance. But when I go to the E booking portal and select a date well within 56 days, there is no response when I select the tick box.

    • Dear Venkata Rao,

      During Peak hours, server response will be late and may not proper all the time. We don’t have option other than keep trying.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  2. what is moderation?

  3. Hi Kamal,

    Could you please help me to understand about accommodation not available status ? does TTD is going to release that quota some time later or never going to release ? .Actually am planning to book accommodation for Oct 16 and 17 of 2015 but as of now ttd website says quota not available and do we any alternative to book accommodation in adv?,Any help much appreciated..Thanks!!

  4. Hello,

    I am trying to book 3 rooms for November 22nd, but the site says the rooms are full in TIRUMALA and quota not released in TIRUPATHI for November?

    Is there a delay in releasing rooms in TIRUPATHI for November?
    If so, when will they be released?
    I do not want to miss the availability at least for rooms in Tirupathi. Please let me know.

  5. Kamlesh V. Khandelwal

    I just want to confirm that can I book online accommodation at Tirupathi and Tirumala for one day at each location, with using same login / registration.
    I have plan to visit Tirupathi and Tirumala on 23rd to 25th December 2015.

  6. Sir,

    I want to book accomodation at srinivasam complex through online. May i know the website through which i can book accomodation online. Expecting your reply……….


  7. vineela gangalapudi

    I am planning to visit tirumala on december 22nd 2015. I am checking the eaccommodation everyday. However the accommodation slots are not open for booking only on 22nd december.
    Could you please tell me when will the slots open.

    • Dear Vineela Gangalapudi,

      Vaikunta Ekadasi is on 21st Dec so crowd will be high, so only TTD is not releasing Rooms and Darshan tickets for 21st and 22nd dec.

      It will not be released for these dates.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  8. Dear kamal

    We are planning to visit tirumala on 12-12-2015. when i searched for eaccommodation i found rooms were not available. is it possible to book at srinivasam? if it is can u help me with the process

    • Dear Sowmya,

      Rooms may not be available for weekend. It would nice if you look for private accommodation in Tirupati.


  9. We r visiting thirupati on 2nd December 2015 .in e accommodation it is showing no rooms are available ,then how to book rooms .can u please help me

    • Dear Madhukar Reddy,

      Rooms will be allotted to pilgrims On Arrival at Vishnu Nivasam (Opp. Railway station) and Srinivasam Complex (Opp. Bus station). As it is mid of the week, rooms will be easily available at Tirupati TTD cottages.


  10. i want accomadation on tirumala on dec 25 and 26th. ttd online showing not available. is there any possibility i can try till dec 25th ?? please let me know..

    • Dear Sir,

      It would be nice if you look for private accommodation in Tirupati. On Arrival booking may not be available at TTD cottages during the peak time.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  11. Am trying to book accommodation on 12th of Dec at Tirupathi but it is shoeing slot not avilable can some one clarify what does it mean..

    • Dear Sukendhar,

      Accommodation in Tirumala is already booked fully. Rooms in Tirupati TTD cottages will be allotted to pilgrims On Arrival.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  12. I have booked a room in tirumala on 22-Feb-2016(12:00pm – 23:59pm) and, my problem is how can we book on 23-Feb-2016(12:00am – 12:00pm)?On the same day i.e,.22-Feb-2016 how can we go for room allotment on 22-Feb-2016 for both the dates.Please explain..

    • Dear Giresh,

      As you have booked room for the slot 12- 23:59, you are allowed to check-in anytime between 12 pm and 11:59 pm. It is 24 hours rule which means you can checkout after 24 hours from the time of check-in. One day extension will be provided at Tirumala so need to book another room for this.


  13. How can i book two rooms at a time in online,Please let me know.

  14. I have booked rooms for 24-Feb-2016(12:00pm to 23:59) ,but my plan was got post phoned to next day, i want transfer the rooms to 25-Feb-2016(12:00pm to 23:59pm),Is it possible for me,if possible what is the process,Please let me know.

    • Dear Sir

      Booking can’t be changed. Please let me know if you need more details.


      • What is the solution for me,please let me know the process to how to proceed.

        • Dear Sir,

          On Arrival, please visit Srinivasam complex (Opp. Tirupati Bus station) or Vishnu Nivasam (Opp. Railway station), where rooms will be allotted to pilgrims.

          Nearly 50% of rooms is reserved for On Arrival allotment.

          Other option is Sri Padmavathi Guest House in Tirumala, where rooms will be allotted to pilgrims On Arrival. Room tariff will be little high here so rooms will be available.


  15. Hi Kamal,

    we had booked 2 kalyanam tickets on 20-Feb.we will reach tirumala on 19-feb evening.I tried to get the accommodation on 19-Feb and 20 -Feb in online.But those days rooms are not avaliable.I heard that for the pilgrims who had reserved seva tickets for 2500 RS,they will get the rooms at “Employee/Seva Counter”.
    Is it true? If yes, How much they will charge for one room.If no, please help us how to get the rooms on 19-Feb and 20-Feb.


    • Dear Sunitha,

      Earlier there used to allot rooms for seva ticket holders but not now. After reaching Tirumala, please visit Sri Padmavathi Guest House for accommodation. Rooms at SPGH is bit costly so many don’t prefer rooms here.


  16. please let mr know how can we book rooms for 2 days. it allowed us to book rooms for 24th january. we want extension of room for 25th january also. pls confirm

    • Dear Vidya,

      Rooms at Tirumala may not be available on weekend. It would nice to look for rooms at Tirupati TTD cottages, Srinivasam complex (Opp. Tirupati Bus station) or Vishnu Nivasam (Opp. Tirupati Railway station), rooms here are allotted to pilgrims On Arrival

      If you still look for pre-booking then it should be at private accommodation.

  17. I am trying very hard to book rooms online but photo uploading is getting failed… I dont have enough Photoshop skills and the availability is decreasing….
    Please can anyone help me in getting correct photo specifications…??? I will mail youmy photo…
    Om namo Narayanaya

  18. Hi Kamal,

    Can we book accomodation at Tirupati (Vishnu Nivasam/Sri Nivasam) online for 2 days? Ex. if I have booked for 1 day, say 26th Feb online (12 am to 12 pm slot), can we book again using same login ID for next day, 27 Feb (12 am to 12 pm slot)? Also, is it possible to book two rooms for the same day?


  19. hai …i actually ..need d exact procedure how to book d rooms in vishnu nivasam/sri nivasasm n also darshan tickets i.e 300rs can u just avail me online procedure or d website link so i can easily avail d rooms..its fr 27 mrng to 29 mrng..please let me know …?


  20. I too want to book room in Madhavam or srinivasam for tomorrow? Please tell me the website and procedures

  21. Hello Kamal,

    We are 5 persons and need 2 rooms. Can we book 2 rooms in one reservation in online?


  22. HI ,
    How many members can be stayed in the 800 rs room of madhavam .

  23. Dear Kamal,

    I am confused while booking rooms at thirumala the check in slot. Please explain how this check in slot works. Is these accommodations are for 12 hrs half day only? Or for 24 hrs one day.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Sir,

      It is for 24 hours from the time of check-in. If you book 12:01 – 23:59 slot then you can check-in anytime between 12 pm – 11:59 pm, let say you check-in at 2 pm then check out will be on the next day at 1:59 pm.


  24. Dear Sir,

    we are 5 person and we need one room on 30.06.2016 to 01.07.2016. can we booked online at Srinivasam Complex.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Dear Sir,
      Please login to ttdsevaonline and change accommodation to Tirupati.

  25. Hello sir,

    I need to book the room for 28 September,2016 to 7 October,2016 for 10 days and i need room for 10 members for my family can you please help me for advance online booking for these days.

    • Dear Suwathy,
      One can only book 1 room for 1 day using 1 login ID at ttdsevaonline website.Please book one Rs.2000 room which can accommodate 6 adults + 3 children easily. For 10 days it should be 10 booking from 10 login IDs on your family members names.

  26. Hi Sir,

    We are 4 members. We need one room for July-11(7:00am) to july12(10:00pm). Can 1 room be shared by 4 members for 2 days. Please provide details to book.

    • Dear Madam,

      Please login to ttdsevaonline website, click on e-accommodation -> Change “Accommodation at” field value to “Tirupati” and proceed with booking. Rooms are available in Tirupati.

  27. we are 4 adults and 1 child which room should we book to accommodate all in single room on 15 august 2016.

  28. Ashok Kumar Orupalli

    Ho many members can stay in Rs.200/-, Rs.400/- and Rs.600/- room in srinivasam complex

    • Dear Sir,
      Rs.200 can accommodate 4 persons. Rs.400 can accommodate 5 person. Rs.600 can accommodate 6 persons

  29. Hi Sir,

    We are 4 members and we have booked Rs.50 room. Can four members accomodate easily. Please do suggest.

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, 4 members can stay in this room. Bed can accommodate 2 adults + 1 kid. One has to accommodate himself on the floor using blanket.

  30. Hi – We are 6 people and need an AC room. Do you have an AC room with 6 single beds or 3 double beds in Tirumala?


  31. Stay in very like

  32. Hai sir, we are 6 people and need an non ac room (200.00); in srinivasam complex from 27th september one arrangement forrooms

  33. Sir,
    When can i book online accomodation for october 10 and 11.
    Prasi dev.

  34. V. P. Shrivastava

    On 10 of September 2016 I am reaching to Tirupathi I want a single bed room in Shrinivasan Complex . Kindly guide how to book online.

  35. G venkateswarlu

    Hi sir
    We are wife and husband .we want acc at madhavam coplex on 26 at 8am this month of ₹400 room pl advise

    • Dear Sir,
      Rooms are still available at tirupati cottages. please visit ttdsevaonline website to book accommodation.

      Please follow this steps.
      Open Gooogle chrome browser -> Open website -> on getting privacy error -> Click on advanced -> Then click on “Proceed anyway”


  36. Hi , we are planning to go to tirupathi around august 23rd to 27 th but accommodation quota is full… Is there any chance that again accommodation quota released for this period…if it will be released again can u pls tell when it is going to be… thanks

  37. Sir I want one non a/c room on 12th august 2016 from evening. Plz reply

  38. How many persons can stay in one room at madhavam complex ? Although we are four people visiting tirupati on 26 sept ,i could book only one room . Can all four of us can stay in one room ?

  39. sir.. the web site and devasthan centers are not giving any accomodation in october month. Wheter it is going to open or not .. we are having darshan plan on 16 th october 2016

  40. ArulGlory Nesamani


    When can I book accommodation for OCT 13 2016?

    Thank you for helping all!

    • ArulGlory Nesamani


      When will be OCT month quota open?

      • Dear Sir,
        By monday ie. 8th Aug at 11 am we will know the exact status on the rooms status.

    • Dear Sir,
      Rooms may not be released for online booking during Brahmotsavam days ie. 3rd Oct -12th Oct, Rooms will be allotted under current booking.

  41. Hello sir we from karnataka 13 persons visiting to tirupati on 12/08/2016 afternoon.7 ladies 6 gents.can I get 3 AC suit rooms in madavam complex.

  42. Hi,

    We have a plan to come to Tirumala on Oct 15th. When will the accommodation slots for the month Oct 2016 opens?

  43. Hi…

    We have booked 300rs special Dharshan on 17th Aug. But we couldn’t able to book the rooms at online because all the rooms are blocked already. Is there any other option for this…..

    • Dear Madam,
      Rooms are still available for booking at Tirupati cottages. Please change “accommodation at” to Tirupati

  44. Dear Sir
    Can I book accommodation on line for three days at Tirupati. The ttd site is not having option for more than one day.

    • Dear Sir,
      One can only book 1 room using 1 login ID for 1 day. As you are looking for 3 rooms, you would need 3 login IDs to book 3 rooms. Please create 3 login IDs on your family member names and book the rooms at ttdsevaonline website

  45. Hi,
    We’ve booked a room in tirumala on 26th Sep. We need to cancel the same now. is this possible?


  46. what is the website link to book room in srinivasam

  47. I booked a accomdation ticket,i forget to download the ticket during booking,but now i am not able to see in my id ….how to download the ticket now


  49. Hi We want a AC room for 3 people at Tirupathi for this weekend 5. Online all rooms are filled. Can you please help.

  50. Hi, We are planning to visit Tirupati on first week of January 2017 and would require accommadation for 5th and 6th January. But ttdsevaonline website only shows accommadation available for Jan 5th now. Is there any way we can get accommadation for both 5th and 6th in Tirupati. I am travelling with my older mother and my 8 month old baby and hence any help will be appreciated.

    • Hi,

      Due to vaikunta ekadashi crowd may be high so because of that reason still they are not released the quote
      please check one week before.


  51. Sir
    Ourselves 25 family members are visiting to tirupati on 11 dev. But unable to book for accommodation due to inavailibity of me to book at least 4 rooms for one day.

  52. Hi Sir, now 500rs and 1000rs is invalid, how deposit amount is collected by TTD for rooms, kindly advise both tirupati and tirumala

  53. when will the quote be released sir ….(time)

  54. Sir , can we book room for one month before

  55. Sir, can we book room for one month advance

  56. we have to book room on 2nd may at srinivasam. what is the procedure for that

    • HI Madam,

      yes you can book through the ttd website once login and you can book but before that you need to create the login Id.



    Our Suprabhatam seva booked on 28092017, can we book accommodation at Tirumala through online? If so when it will open?

  58. I want to book accommodation at thirumala in online. When quota will be released for September month

  59. Hello ,
    we booked Seva on 2nd oct, 2017 through online. But the accommodation for october month is not yet released and we didn’t find any information about accommodation quota anywhere in website. Could you please let me know when the accommodation quota will be released for october month online. Or is it available in counter now as well.

  60. p.srinivas vijay


  61. Hello,

    I need to book 300 Special Darshan for October 14. Still, the Quota is not yet released. When will the quota release?

    Keerthiraj B

    • Hi Sir/Madam,
      you can book online in the TTD official site in the month of august they will be released for october.

      Thank You.

  62. Any rooms r available in Madhavaram guest house for 1st and 2nd Oct

    • HI Sir,

      Sorry rooms are fully booked on those dates so on arrival you can check for the availability.


  63. Hi respected sir/madam
    One room available for three person at madhavaram guest house for 23sept to 26 September

    • Hi Sir,
      on that date the rooms are fully booked in the TTD official site you can try at the CRO office in tirumala.

      Thank You.

  64. I want to book on line for a accommodation in Tirupati in Madhavan Guest house/ srinivasn Guest house/ vishnu nivasan. Please guide me how to do the same with contact phone no/ and or email id..Thanking you

  65. where will i get on arrival accormmodation in Tirumala,


    • HI Sir,

      Rooms are fully booked,so on arrival you can try or else contact 9393939150 for any assistance.


  67. Need a room in Tirupati for 4 adults 1 child for 18th night to 19th evening… Please guide us to book online…

    • HI Sir,

      Rooms are fully booked,so on arrival you can try or else contact 9393939150 for any assistance.


  68. Need a room for single person on 15/11/2017

  69. Harikrishna Ramasetty

    Dear Teja,

    Good Morning!

    Just wondering if you can help with my query below.

    we are family of 7 members coming to visit Tirumala on 8th Jan, can you please help us out to book accomodation and if how do i get Kalyanotsam tickets please.

    Many Thanks,

  70. Sir today 8-12-2016 we need room for 5 people.. in srinivasam complex.

    • HI Sir,

      Rooms are fully booked so on arrival you can try for the accomadation or else you can contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions


  71. sir i am coming with family on 19.01.2018 night. i need room for 4 members along with my daughter.
    Please help.

    • HI Sir,

      Accomadations are fully booked sir so on arrival you can try for the accomadation at cro office


  72. sir iwant arooms for 35 members atleast 5to 6 rooms in thirumala thirupati on march 4th 2018 pls suggest me and help me sir pls contact 9940635911 sir

    • HI Sir,

      rooms are fully booked sir so on arrival you can plan or else contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions


  73. Hi
    We are 4 adults and 1 kid coming to tirupati on Feb 1 night.
    So I want room for Feb 2 and 3 .
    Can u help me how to book a room?
    I didn’t get any links in online.

    • HI Sir,

      tickets are fully booked so on arrival you can try or else you can contact at 9393939510 for further details


  74. I have ever booked room in madhavam guest house so where should I go to get the allotment of rooms

    Please suggest

  75. We are 8 members we need rooms at tirumala .we are at cro office contact num 9492209143

    • Hi Sir,

      You need to book the rooms in advance right now Rooms are fully booked so plan accordingly for any suggestions you can contact at 9393939510


  76. Hi sir,
    We need a room for 3 members from 6th May morning for 2 days..

    • HI Madam,

      suggested to book in advance madam now rooms are fully booked so on arrival you can check or else contact at 9393939510



    We need room for 6 persons at Tirupati Shriniwas please guide me how to book online

  78. Hon sir want to book accomodation at time slot 12.00 hrs to 17:59 hrs is it morning time slot or evening

  79. Hon sir I want to book accomodation in tirumala at morning after 9.00 am so at which time slot I can book

  80. Is morning first slot 00:00 hrs to 5:59 hrs for after 9 am checking for accomodation in tirumala we are confused so plz help us & thnx for help

    • Hi Sir,

      If you are planning to check in at 9 am then plan to book at 6 hrs to 11:59 hrs


  81. Girish kumar G

    Dear Sir,
    If I book special Darshan for 5pm slot and accommodation in Nandakam Rest House, what is the procedure for entry in rest house? What if I can’t report by 5pm for Darshan? Am I allowed after 5pm? I am asking this since , our flight arrives at airport at 1.40pm?

    Also, please suggest me any accommodation options other than TTD as they are not available for July 8,2018

    Girish, Gurgaon

    • HI Sir,

      You can contact at 9393939510 they guide you as per your schedule, so plan accordingly sir.


  82. Managobindatripathy

    Sir,We are a team of 9 members [5 male, 4 female’s] How can we avail online accommodation for October 2018.Max. person per I’ be accommodated is what.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      still quota not yet released, you can book 3 rooms once its opened.
      Thank you.

  83. Kalyan kumar chennupati

    When will the accommodation booking online for August month will start