Tirupati Bike and Car Parking

Tirupati Bike and Car Parking places, Charges for 24 hours.

Alipiri Car, Bus and Bike Parking in Tirupati

Location: Balaji Link Bus station, near Alipiri Garuda statue

Tirupati Bike and Car Parking
  • Light Motor Vehicles (Car, Jeep): Rs.20 for 24 hours.
  • Heavy Motor Vehicles (Bus): Rs.50 for 24 hours

The devotees who wish to reach Tirumala by walk can park vehicle here.

Srivari Mettu Car, Bike and Bus Parking in Tirupati

Tirupati Bike and Car Parking

Parking Charges: Free

Vehicles can be parked here at the entrance before taking steps path and can collect the next day. Usually, Car and Bikes will be parked here.

Srivari Mettu opening timings: 6:00 to 4:30 pm

Tirumala Car, Bike and Bus Parking Places

Please note that Private buses are not allowed to Tirumala. It has to be parked in Tirupati only. Only RTC buses are allowed to Tirumala.

Car and Bike Parking Places near to ATC Car parking Darshan Line

Car and Bike can be parked Opposite to Gokulam and at MBC

I have marked the places to park the vehicle. As these two places are very close to the ATC Car parking, Vaikuntam I, Vaikuntam II Darshan line entrances.

Tirumala Car, Bike parking places close to Darshan Exit Line

Vehicles can be parked at Rambagicha Guesthouse or at Parking place opposite to Rambagicha.

These are free parking places available at Darshan Exit Line.

For more details, please call @ 85000 85151